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What I Pinned This Week

I’m back with another edition of “What I Pinned This Week.”

A couple of kitchens, a stunning black range moment and a gorgeous bathroom that mixes modern and vintage touches, here are a few of my favorite pins in the last week or so.

What I Pinned This Week

Via Amber Interiors

Amber Interiors can do no wrong in my book. I love the way she marries modern and vintage elements to create cozy, unique spaces. This bathroom is no exception I love the modern hexagon white tile with the vintage rug layered over it. The crisp white walls with a vintage bench sitting under the window. The modern clean-lined wood vanity with white countertops, edgy black touches and vintage art make this bathroom one of my favorite pins. It’s all is so good!

Via Emily Henderson

I’ve been following along with Em Henderson’s mountain house renovation and she finally debuted the completed kitchen. It’s warm, cozy, modern and cabin-ish all at the same time. The stained black island is my favorite moment in the space but all of the finishes on point. Now I want to move to the mountains somewhere.


Gah, just look at that black range with the black tile backsplash! You know I love me a statement black range, but that backsplash takes this one to a whole different level of drama and I don’t hate it one bit.


I gasped when I saw this image. I have been on the hunt for a vintage workbench forever. This one is styled beautifully and is giving me all the feels. The lamp, the candelabra, the vase with branches. It’s soo good. Not to mention the kitchen faucet and that black sink!


Oh gosh, guys. This is another one that stopped me in my tracks. Do you follow Leanne Ford or watch her show Restored by the Fords? This is from one of her projects and it is so amazing! Look at those beams!?! I love the black warehouse lights in the dining room and I almost did that layered cowhide rug look in my house. The organic, neutral living room decor and that large paper lantern fixture is so clever. I love this whole space, you guys.

Alright, so that’s what has been inspiring me lately! Follow me on Pinterest to keep up with my pinning. Happy weekend!

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