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Pantry Staples and Clean Snacks for a Healthier Lifestyle

Recently, I shared the official reveal of the pantry and a cabinet tour of where we keep what. Many of you reached out with questions about what I keep stocked in my pantry, especially considering my current health journey focused on reducing inflammation through mindful eating choices. As someone who values both aesthetics and wellness, curating a pantry that aligns with my health goals has become a cornerstone of my lifestyle. So, let’s take a peek inside and explore some of the pantry staples and clean snacks I always keep on hand.

Note: I shop a lot of these items via Thrive Market, an online marketplace. If you’d like to try it, use this link for $40 off your first order.

Pantry Staples

Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is a great oil substitute in baking or cooking sweet things. I love it in baked apples and use it to cook pancakes.

Honey – This is my favorite organic honey to stock.

Avocado Oil Spray – This is a great cooking oil spray to keep on hand. Much better than Pam, which is full of canola and palm oil.

Ketchup – This brand makes the best condiments, sauces, and dressings as far as clean ingredients are concerned.

Olive Oil – This is the olive oil I’ve been loving lately. I spoke in depth about it here. It has a high polyphenol count and low acidity so it’s extra good for you and tastes great.

Tuna Fish – An underrated pantry staple! This is wild canned tuna, incredibly high in protein and low in calories. I mix it with Greek yogurt to pack even more protein.

Electrolyte Mix – If you need to replenish electrolytes this one is made with real fruit and no added sugar. A much better option than Pedialyte if you or your kid is sick.

Banza – The only pasta we eat. It’s made with chickpeas, is gluten-free and packs some protein and lower calories than traditional pasta.

Rainbow Sprinkles – If you bake or have a kid then you’ll love these clean rainbow sprinkles.

Banana Muffin Mix – I make a batch of these weekly for easy snacks to grab or pack in Shiloh’s lunch.

Coconut Sugar – Use as a 1:1 ratio sugar replacement. Coconut sugar is delicious and doesn’t spike your blood sugar level. Great for baking, sweetening drinks, etc.

Xylitol – Another sugar alternative, xylitol is processed differently than sugar in the body and has been known to have digestive benefits.

Truvani – Plant-based protein powder. I always have some of this in my pantry. It’s one of my three favorite protein powder sources.

Pancake Mix – For Saturday morning pancakes, this is always stocked in our pantry. It’s made from rice flour, making it gluten-free.

Coconut Flour – I have an almond intolerance so instead of almond flour I have been using this. It’s a good source of fiber, too.

Real Salt – I recently switched from pink Himalayan salt to this ancient fine sea salt after reading about heavy metals in pink salt.

Yofiit Milk – I have been loving this protein chickpea milk. It comes in original, vanilla and vanilla cinnamon and is good in everything from cereal to matcha.

Clean Snacks

Having clean snacks readily available is a game-changer for myself and my family. Having clean snacks to reach for whether it be for Shiloh’s lunchbox or an after-dinner treat is important to me. After a lot of label-reading, research, and digging, these are currently some of the snacks we keep on rotation in the pantry.

Simple Mills Pop Mmms – Simple Mills is a favorite. Their ingredients are always clean. These pop mmms are like goldfish and a much better option!

Fruit Rolls – These fruit rolls make a perfect lunchbox or on-the-go snack and come in several flavors.

Mary’s Crackers – These seed crackers are crunchy and yummy. I love to eat them with tuna fish.

Seven Sundays – Because sometimes you just want a bowl of cereal. Feel better about giving your kids this cereal.

Skout Organics Cookies – Craving a sweet treat? These cookies are so yummy, organic and squeaky clean.

Lara Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie – These do have 10g of added sugar but I still find it a better option than most cookies on the market.

Highkey – These mini cookies are gluten and sugar-free.

Simple Mills Cookies – These cookies are all so good, every flavor. Crunchy, good flavor and clean ingredients.

Unreal Bars – These are clean almond joy candy bars. Enough said.

Siete Chips – Made with avocado oil, these chips are satisfying and tasty.

Chomps – I always have one of these in my purse. Such an easy on-the-go snack that is delicious and full of protein.

Sweet Thins – Again with Simple Mills, seriously everything they do is great. These are like gharam crackers and are so yummy. They just released a new lemon flavor. This one comes in snack packs, perfect for on-the-go.

Kids Beef Sticks – Shiloh finds the Chomps beef sticks too spicy but she loves these. I pack them in her snack for school and another great on-the-go option.

Lesser Evil Popcorn – If you’re a popcorn person, this is for you.

I hope this has been helpful! I will continue to share what I learn about clean pantry staples and snack options as I learn and try new things.

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