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A Beachy Little Girls’ Room

Creating a stylish and comfortable space is always a joy but it becomes even more special when the room is for a dear friend’s child, a free-spirited little girl that I adore. Today, I am thrilled to share a design project close to my heart: a beachy little girl’s room for my friend’s daughter, Lily.

A Friendship Built on Shared Journeys

I’d be remiss if I didn’t chat about my friendship with Caroline. We met through a mutual friend and have shared a unique and connected journey over the past five years. We were both pregnant at the same time, with our daughters, due on the same day. What are the odds of that!? Our friendship has grown through shared milestones, joys, and challenges, and our girls are sweet little friends.

Two years ago, Caroline was diagnosed with brain cancer. Despite the immense challenges, Caroline has remained a source of inspiration with her strength and positivity. This project is not just about designing a room; it’s about creating a haven for Lily that reflects her spirit and love for the water, a passion that she shares with her mom and dad.

Pictured above is Lily and the six of us when we vacationed together in Eleuthera, Bahamas.

The Inspiration: Beachy Boho Vibes

Lily is a free spirit and it’s a joy to be around her. She loves mermaids and music. She prefers to leave her long, thick hair down and not tied back. She dances to her beat, lights up a room, and never meets a stranger. She loves the beach, just like her mom and dad. They spend countless days by the ocean or on the boat, making the beachy boho theme a perfect choice for her bedroom. The goal is to create a space that captures the essence of the beach while providing a serene and cozy environment for Lily to grow and dream in.

Lily’s Beachy Big Girl Room: The Moodbard

wallpaper / curtains / curtain rods / crab lamp / whale basket / rug / vanity / bed / sheet set / comforter set / bookcase

Decor Highlights

The foundation of the room’s design is a soothing, coastal-inspired color palette mixed with muted warm tones. The wallpaper will set the stage for the space beautifully. It features delicate intricate line drawings of waves that capture the essence of long days at the beach.

We’re pulling color palette inspiration from the beach scene sheet set. It’s my favorite element in the room. We’re planning to pull from the muted, earthy tones in the sheets for the curtains, additional bedding, and decor.

Natural materials like rattan and wood will add texture and warmth to the space. This rattan boho vanity set is so adorable, it will make the perfect addition to her room. I can’t wait to see it set alongside the wallpaper.

To make the room truly special, we will include personal touches including a carved wooden mermaid that Caroline got from Bali well before Lily was born, framed mermaid artwork, photos of Lily’s beach adventures, and mom’s ukelele.

This project has been a labor of love, and seeing Lily’s face light up when she sees her new room will be the most rewarding part. It’s more than just a bedroom; it’s a sanctuary that reflects her adventurous spirit and love for the sea.

Caroline’s journey has been incredibly challenging, but her resilience and positivity continue to inspire everyone around her. Designing this room for Lily has been a way to honor that spirit and provide a beautiful, comforting space for her daughter. If you’d like to follow along, Caroline bravely shares glimpses into her journey on her personal Instagram @soulshinesss.

A huge thank you to Peel & Paper and Auden & Avery for partnering with us on this project.

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