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Fall 2022 Favorites

Fall 2022 Favorites

Summer is coming to an end and all the new fall home decor collections are dropping. From Target to Crate and Barrel, I’m sharing some of my favorites. Fall is my favorite, my home is decorated for fall all year-round because I gravitate toward warm earthy tones so it’s easy to incorporate a few things and make it feel cozy for the season. I’m so ready for fall and am definitely over this Florida heat. I can’t wait to light a fire and make some cider!

Fall Collection Favorites

  1. Hand-crafted pumpkins
  2. Flour sack kitchen towel
  3. Round woven storage baskets
  4. Terracotta urn
  5. Stripe throw pillow
  6. Stoneware tray 
  7. Bleached thistle flower
  8. Paper roll holder
  9. Metal taper candelabra 
  10. Terracotta pumpkins
  11. Gingham sheet set
  12. Pleated candles (set of 12)
  13. Fringe bath towel collection
  14. Tweed alpaca pillow
  15. Ceramic pumpkins
  16. Seagrass woven planter

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I am loving some of the new cozy textiles and patterns this season. I’ve seen some tweed, which reminds me of our recent trip to Scotland. Muted and neutral-colored pumpkins top my list and terra-cotta tones and textures round out some of my favorites.… Read more

Black Outdoor Wall Lanterns Roundup

Black Outdoor Wall Lanterns Roundup

I have been on the hunt for some new black outdoor wall lanterns to complement our existing outdoor wall sconces. Prior to our addition, we had 3 outdoor lights on the front of our house and two on the side porch area. The side porch has been demolished and the breezeway has been built in its place, as a result, those two side lights have disappeared. Since the garage has 4 wall lights I wanted the front of the house to be symmetrical so I had the electricians relocate one of the side porch lights to the front of the house so that we have 4 on the house and 4 on the garage.


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exterior wall light placement

Here’s the issue. Our existing wall sconces are no longer available.

They’re gorgeous French farmhouse-style sconces from Restoration Hardware. I also think 8 of the same sconce would be too much repetition so I decided to mix styles. We’re keeping the existing sconces, moving them around a little bit, and pairing them with an additional style. I started pinning lighting that I liked and considered what would look best with our existing sconces.… Read more

6 Kitchen Must-Haves

6 Kitchen Must-Haves

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite kitchen gadgets. With an endless number of gadgets and appliances to choose from, these are the ones I turn to regularly and could not live without.  Here are my top 6 kitchen must-haves.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of my links, I may receive a small commission for the referral. Thank you for your support. 

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1. Suction Knife Sharpener

This little gadget is so handy. A knife sharpener that has a suction bottom so it sticks to the countertop while you sharpen. It is small and stows away easily in a drawer.

2. Lazy Susan

how to organize your fridge

These turntable organizers are so convenient in the kitchen. I keep one in my fridge to organize bottled condiments and I have another one under the sink to organize cleaning supplies. It would also work in the pantry or bathroom.

3. Food Saver Vacuum Sealer

A vacuum sealer extends food storage life and helps reduce waste. We use it to seal meats and seafood we purchase in bulk. It’s also great for freezing prepared food.… Read more

6 Small House Updates I Made this Month

6 Small House Updates I Made this Month

Doesn’t the house always feel so bare after you put away all of the Christmas decorations? The empty space coupled with the urge to organize and refresh led me to get a few new things and make 6 small house updates that I’ve been loving.

6 Small House Updates I Made this Month

1. Art

The open shelves in the kitchen were particularly bare after the Christmas decorations were packed away. I feel like I always have the same look on our open shelves so I decided to add a couple of new pieces. I added this art behind some stacked plates and I’m loving the mood it gives to the kitchen. Speaking of art, now that the playroom light fixture is installed, the playroom reveal is in the near future. I’m adding some finishing touches including this watercolor (and ode to my jockey dad that passed and Shiloh’s love for horses), this bunny sketch, and this large print. Stay tuned for the full playroom reveal soon!

2. Lighting

I already mentioned the ceiling fixture for the playroom finally arrived after a several-month shipping delay but we also installed some new wall lighting.… Read more

How to Hang a Gallery Wall

How to Hang a Gallery Wall

Have you ever wondered how to hang a gallery wall? Well, let me help. There is a large wall in the guest bedroom that I was trying to figure out what to do with. After weighing some options and conducting a poll on Instagram, I decided to do a gallery wall. I had some existing vintage brass picture frames and decided to mix them with streamlined black frames. The room has black curtain rods and brass light fixtures so I wanted to carry those two finishes into the gallery wall. Since I was using a variety of sizes and finishes, I wanted my gallery wall to be asymmetrical. But how would I figure out how to hang them?

How to Hang a Gallery Wall

Here’s my fool-proof method for how to hang a gallery wall. Whether you use photos or art, this method is super easy and fun too.

Step 1: Make a Template

First, make a template of the frames you plan to use on your gallery wall. You can use poster board, craft paper, or whatever you have on hand.… Read more

Hand Soap and Lotion Sink Set Roundup

Hand Soap and Lotion Sink Set Roundup

The cold weather and dry air coupled with constant hand and baby bottle washing has done a number on my hands. I keep lanolin by my bedside but realized I don’t moisturize my hands much during the day and that needed to change. To help with that, I bought a hand soap and lotion sink set to keep in the kitchen. During my search for my first sink duo, I found some great options so I put together this hand soap and lotion sink set roundup.

1. Barr Co Hand Duo / 2. Union St Oat Milk Set / 3. Nest Bamboo Set / 4. Golden Hour Set / 5. Thymes Vanilla Blanc Set / 6. Thymes Lemon Leaf Sink Set / 7. White Gardenia Set / 8. Beekman Vanilla Absolute Set / 9. Wine Country Botanicals Set / 10. Hand Sanitizer & Lotion Set / 11. Magnolia Garden Scent Set / 12. Hearth & Hand Soap & Lotion Dispenser Set

I’ve always kept hand and dish soap by my kitchen sink but I’m excited to add a hand and lotion sink set.… Read more

How to Remove Wallpaper

How to Remove Wallpaper

We kicked off a makeover of our guest bedroom and the first task on the to-do list was to remove the existing wallpaper. How to remove wallpaper is not difficult, it’s just tedious and requires some patience. We tried a couple of different methods and this is what worked best for us.

How to Remove Wallpaper

What you need:

  • Wallpaper Steamer
  • Scoring Tool
  • Plastic Putty Knife (we didn’t need to use with our removal method)
  • Wall Texture Spray (if required)
  • Old Towels
  • Trash Bin Nearby
  • Lots of time 😉

First, score the wallpaper using the scoring tool. This perforates the wallpaper allowing the steam to penetrate the paper and reach the wallpaper adhesive easily.

We scoured the wallpaper using a circular movement.

The next step is to steam the wallpaper. The wallpaper steamer heats up the adhesive and allows the wallpaper to be peeled off. First, allow the steamer to heat up, which can take 15-20 minutes. Using the largest steam plate, hold the plate on the wallpaper for a minute or so and move to the next section.

We found that it was easier and quicker to remove the patterned part of the paper first, and then steam off the backing.… Read more

Guest Bedroom Makeover Introduction and My Design Process

Guest Bedroom Makeover Introduction and My Design Process

I shared on Instagram my plans for a makeover of our guest bedroom. We decorated and furnished the room as part of the One Room Challenge back in 2017. Since then, my style has evolved. At the time I was having a boho moment and we piecemealed what we had to furnish the room. Now it’s time for a little refresh! I want the room to feel less playful and more grown-up. I’m going for a collected farmhouse vibe with some drama in the paint. I’m considering a dark or bold color.  A guest room is a great space to have some fun in. I am also considering a simple wall treatment, perhaps a chair or picture rail and/or crown molding.

My Design Process

It’s very early in the design process and I have only nailed down a couple of pieces for the room so I’m going to talk a little about my design process. This is the gist of how I approach designing a new space for myself or for a client.

Step 1: Ask yourself how you want the space to feel.

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Kitchen Remodel with Green Semihandmade Cabinets: Client Project

Kitchen Remodel with Green Semihandmade Cabinets: Client Project

I’m excited to finally share this project! I started working with my lovely client almost exactly one year after photographing her finished kitchen. She and her hubby purchased a very eclectic sprawling home in downtown St. Pete. They started renovating right away and the kitchen was at the top of their list.  The previous kitchen felt small for the size of the home. Walls were removed to open it up and windows were relocated to allow for additional wall cabinetry. My client mentioned early on that she wanted to go with IKEA cabinets and Semihandamde fronts (same thing we did in our kitchen) and that she was considering green for the cabinetry. A kitchen with custom green Semihandmade cabinets?!? I was all in from the get-go!

For more behind-the-scenes on this project, check out my “client work” highlight folder on Instagram.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using my link, I may receive a small commission for the referral. Thank you for your support. 

The Before:

The home had very eclectic previous owners. The kitchen was small and boxy and did no justice for the home.… Read more

How to Reglaze A Bathtub and Tile Surround

How to Reglaze A Bathtub and Tile Surround

When we kicked off the nursery bathroom makeover, I mentioned we chose to reglaze the bathtub and tile surround to save time and money, especially since it was all in good shape, just ugly. The tile was discolored due to water stains and the tub was a dark biscuit color. Bleh. You guys were so interested in this project so I’m going to share what I can. We outsourced the work and we were not involved in every step, so keep that in mind. I don’t have any pictures of the application process, unfortunately.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using my link, I may receive a small commission for the referral. Thank you for your support! 

How to Reglaze a Bathtub and Tile Surround

Check out our tub and tile before and after the reglazing application:

As you can see that there are a few spots in the grout that are not perfect. However, what a huge difference.

How to Reglaze a Bathtub & Tile: The Product

To reglaze the tub and tile, our handyman used this spray-on epoxy kit for the tile and this brush-on epoxy kit for the tub.… Read more