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Our New Garage Floor

Here are all of the details about our new garage floor! What a difference it made in making the garage feel clean and complete. We went with a local company that our contractor recommended, Trademark Garage Floors.  They used the spartacote chip system. It is a polyaspartic, which is a type of polyurea.

Our Spartacote Garage Floor

The Process

The first day was spent prepping and cleaning the slab. They use a diamond grinder to grind the entire floor to remove dirt or previous coatings and ensure proper adhesion of the product to the concrete. Next, they vacuumed the floor and patched any cracks or holes. Because our slab joints were nice and straight we chose to leave them as is and not fill them.

After the floor was clean and prepped, they used a moisture vapor barrier primer as the base coat. This isn’t always necessary but because our moisture reading was borderline, we opted to do it to be safe and warranty against any moisture bubbles. Then they broadcast the color chips directly onto the moisture vapor barrier. The next day they came back to apply the clear top coat. The whole process took two days. With the spartacote you are able to drive on the floor within hours but we’re still not parking in the garage so surely ours will be nice and cured by then.


We obtained a few quotes and they ranged from $5-$6.25/sq foot. Our system was $5/sq ft totaling a little over $6100 and the moisture vapor primer was $500.  our All-in our new garage floor cost $6,600.

For our new garage floor, we chose the “flint 1/4” which is a mix of black, white, light gray, and dark gray. I felt like this complemented the black and white exterior and gray garage interior and we’re happy with it. The floor is UV resistant, and durable and makes the garage look better overall. Here’s a closeup look at the floor. It’s not smooth to the touch like we expected. It’s not a bad thing, I just wanted to add that detail.

We had them do the steps into the house, which adds a nice touch.

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