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Our Farmhouse Playroom Reveal

It has been a while since I have shared progress on the playroom!  To refresh your memory, I shared the plan for making our upstairs loft into a playroom for Shiloh in this blog post and then a progress update in this post. Since then, we’ve been living in the space and editing pieces here and there. It’s been amazing to have an area to house dedicated to a play space for our munchkin. Luckily, our playroom is mostly unseen from the main living space but since it’s all open it doesn’t feel disconnected. The decor and pieces in the room are fluid and will grow with Shiloh but we’re in a good place with the room right now so without further adieu, let’s take a look at how far we’ve come with our farmhouse playroom!

Playroom Before:

The upstairs loft didn’t serve much of a purpose prior to it becoming the playroom. It housed a daybed that we used for extra guests and at one point our Peloton lived here. We moved both of those things out to make way for some cute kid-friendly decor.

Farmhouse Playroom After:

I chose a large, soft polka-dot rug to ground the space and 3 sets of gingham curtains to soften the space and block some of the afternoon light. The curtains are visible from downstairs so it was important to me that they flow with the rest of the house while complementing the playroom. We added a nugget couch which has been great and a grow-with-me play table.

The wall mural is such a fun addition to the space! We have very little wall space in here so I’m glad we chose to make an impact and the colors could not be more perfect for my taste. It’s a peel and stick so there is no pressure if we want to remove or replace it down the road.

The tent is a more recent addition and it’s been so cute to watch her take all her fluffy friends in there to play. The Pikler is cute and gets a lot of use. I originally had the rocker too but sold it because it took up too much space.

I chose some cute kids’ art to decorate the mantel. It’s not ideal to have a monster fireplace in a playroom but it’s the only space we have to use for her so we’re making the most of it. I waited many months for the ceiling light and it’s so cute, I love the brass. The grow-with-me table lives in the nook beside the fireplace and has been great for puzzles and play-doh. I grounded it with some carpet tiles. On the other side of the fireplace, I added a three-in-one art easel with a chalkboard, magnetic dry-erase board, and parchment paper feeder.

Farmhouse Playroom Get the Look:

Curtains / Curtain Rod / Wicker Vase / Bunny Art / Here With You Art / Jockey Art / Ceiling Light / Wall Mural / Tent / Easel / Pikler / Gingham Kids Chair / Nugget Sofa / Sunny Pillow / Elephant Basket / Peg Rail Shelf / Montessori Shelf / Rug / Grow-with-me Table / Kids Chair / Carpet Tiles / Toys are primarily from these Play Kits 

Future Issues to Address:

The playroom is super functional but there are some things I’d like to address in the room. I’m currently housing the corner piece to our old sectional sofa which I’d like to get out of there and replace with an actual sofa. A sleeper sofa would be perfect for this space to double as overflow for extra guests or sleepovers and provide some additional seating. In the introductory blog post, I mentioned perhaps turning the closet into a play house for her but I think I’d rather replace the closet with some built-in cabinetry for storage and potentially a desk for future homework. Also to note, when our new windows are installed, the 3 sets of double windows will become 3 large picture windows.

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