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Gift Guide Becky’s Favorites

Tis’ the season! When it comes to gift guides, I try to keep them simple and intentional. I always like to round up my favorites from the year or things on my wish list. I gotta say, I love this year’s picks!

2022 Gift Guide: Becky’s Favorites

  1.  Ceramic Pans – These non-toxic pots and pans have been on my wishlist and I think it’s time I buy them for myself! They come in several gorgeous colors, I love the green and cream.
  2.  Bogg Bag – These bags are washable, and don’t tip over or leak. It’s the perfect bag for stashing all the things. It comes in so many great colors, I’m loving the latte and green.
  3.  Super-Absorbant Dish Towels – Chris Loves Julia recently tested a bunch of dish towels and this one was a fave. I need to update my stash and would love to try these.
  4.  Taper Candles – Gorgeous twisted taper candles are so cute. They would make a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer. I have some vintage brass candlesticks I think they’d shine in.
  5.  Leather Fanny – I’m dying to upgrade my lululemon belt bag and I love this one. I have their puffer tote and it’s my favorite travel bag. I love this little gem of a brand.
  6.  Apron – I’m in need of a new kitchen apron and love the neutral stripes on this one. Great price too!
  7.  Chapati Board – I added this accessory to my kitchen this year and I’m loving it. I use it as a catchall right next to the stove for my utensil holder, cooking oil, butter bell etc. It adds great warmth to our countertop.
  8. Colander – I have these little berry colanders and love them. They look cute left on display yet they’re super functional.
  9.  Robe – Who doesn’t love a soft, cozy robe? I’ve wanted a robe from this company for a while now! Love the texture and color of this one.
  10.  Boards & Spreads Book – This is a super fun book that would suit anyone. Boards are all the craze and I would love to be inspired with this gift.
  11.  Brown Braiser – I’m all about brown lately so when Le Creuset released this gorgeous ganache color, I immediately fell in love. It’s so rich and stunning. I have several Le Creuset pieces and they are such great quality.
  12.  Velcro Veja – My friends that have the vejas love them. I would love to have this velcro version.
  13.  Tumbler – Of course, everyone’s favorite must-have item of the year. You simply can’t go wrong with one of these tumblers. I have a few and use them every single day, like every other mom in America. 😉

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