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A Roundup of 12″ Brass Cabinet Pulls

It’s time for the finishing touches in the mudroom, including cabinet hardware. I like to think of hardware as the jewelry of the room. It’s the finishing touch that adds that extra special touch. There are few rules when it comes to hardware and mixing of styles and finishes typically achieves the best look. Because I’m leaning into some British design vibes in the mudroom, I knew early on that I wanted to incorporate wood knobs, but that I wanted to mix them with some 12″ brass cabinet pulls. We have some small drawers under the cubbies that were perfect for the knobs but the cubby doors and the armoire doors and drawers are quite large and perfect for a long pull. After sampling an 8″ and a 12″, the 12″ was definitely more appropriate. I scoured the internet for my favorite 12″ brass pulls and narrowed it down to these two:

I like them both but preferred the one on the left. I felt that the polished brass looked better against the dark green cabinetry and the streamlined style and backplate juxtaposed the chunky millwork and trim in the space. But Mike was in favor of the one on the right (he’s not a fan of “shiny” brass) so I did a poll on Instagram and it was close but the majority of you sided with Mike!

I gave in and ordered more of the left pulls and set up a return for the pull that was my fave (on the right). But it wasn’t sitting well with me and I knew the other one was a better choice so I brought it up to Mike. The moment he said “I don’t really care that much,” it was settled! Haha 😉 So I pulled a switcheroo and we’re ultimately going with the more polished brass cabinet pull on the right!

In my search, I saved several brass cabinet pulls that I loved, here is a roundup of some of them, all offered in 12″ size.

brass cabinet pulls 12"

  1. 12″ Monroe Pull
  2. Large Massey Drawer Pull
  3. Atlas 12″ Pull
  4. 12″ Solid Brass Pull
  5. Claybourne 12″ Pull
  6. Edgecliff Pull 12″
  7. Charmaine 12″ Pull
  8. Liberty Modern Square
  9. Liberty Charmaine 12″
  10. Richelieu Steampunk
  11. Forge Pull
  12. Atlas Malin Pull
  13. Everitt Pull
  14. Cosmas Pull

I hope you found this helpful if you’re in the market for some brass hardware pulls! I can’t wait to share the final mudroom reveal with you!

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