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Pantry Tour: A Peek Inside the Cabinets

Today I’m taking you on a pantry tour and sharing what is inside the cabinets. If you missed the official pantry reveal or the remodeling process, those posts can be found here.

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yellow farmhouse pantry cabinets

Let’s start in the back. We have one large, tall cabinet that houses most of our dry goods. The top cabinet houses snacks, chips (in their own pull-out drawer), cereal, and on the top, extra condiments, spices and things I don’t need often.

The bottom half has convenient pull-out drawers for easy access and is where I store baked goods, canned goods, soup, broths, rice, grains, nuts, nut butter, and dried fruits.

Next to the tall pantry cabinet are 3 small drawers for snacks, primarily for Shiloh. I designed it so that she could easily reach her snacks. These storage trays fit perfectly inside to organize the snacks.

The back corner of the pantry has open shelves that house some functional decor and pantry staples that I reach for all the time – cashews, pancake mix, rice, banza pasta, and flours for my recent sourdough adventures.

My storage containers consist mostly of flip-tight containers and glass canisters.

Moving along, the countertop cabinet to the left of the sink stores our supplements, water bottles, and extra paper towels. Our blender is tucked in the corner on the other side of this cabinet so it’s easy to slide out to make a quick morning protein shake.

The two small drawers hold tea and small, individually wrapped supplements and beverages like matcha and electrolytes.

We did not hold back when it comes to appliances in the pantry. I dreamed of having a second, backup dishwasher in this space not only to handle the washing of everyday coffee cups/protein shakers/green juice bottles but also for the overflow of dishes from the kitchen, especially when entertaining. We don’t run it every day, but at 18″ it takes up less space than a full-size dishwasher so it was a no-brainer.

A small sink lives in between the countertop cabinet and the espresso machine. The faucets were saved from our old wet bar and match our kitchen sink faucet and pot filler. We have a regular faucet with hot and cold water and an Insta-hot faucet perfect for hot tea.

butcher block with prep sink

The nugget ice maker was a splurge but how can you have a drink station in a pantry without one? I have wanted a nugget ice maker for so long and I’m so happy we added it!

Next to the ice maker are the fridge drawers. We debated one vs two fridge drawers but they’ve come in handy. We keep everything we need for coffee, shakes, supplements, and green juice (AG1) in these drawers for the complete beverage-making experience separate from the kitchen.

On the opposite end of the pantry are some small appliances, additional storage cabinets, breathable produce drawers, and open shelves for functional storage of things that deserve to be displayed.

The infamous blind corner cabinet pull-out made quite the stir over on Instagram going crazy viral and doubling my following in a couple of weeks. It was a surreal experience! Because we fit in so many appliances on the back wall I was left with two blind corner cabinets in the pantry (worth it!). The other one doesn’t have an opening large enough for an optimizing pull-out but this one does! I love the functionality and not having to bend down and dig for what I’m looking for.

To the right of the fancy pull-out contraption are 3 breathable drawers. I keep bread in the top one, right under the toaster, and pantry fruits and vegetables in the bottom two.

I’ve said it before, but I’m so proud of this little space. It’s functionality is almost unbelievable when you consider how small the footprint is. It’s my proudest design in our home, I had a very clear idea of what my organization and storage needs were for this space early on and we nailed it.

Flush Mount Light / Airtight Storage Bins / Faucets / Countertops (red oak butcher block stained dark walnut with satin polyacrylic top coat) / Paint Color – Baked Cumin Benjamin Moore / Backsplash / Canisters / Sink / Lamp / Art / Wall Basket / Faux Cosmo Flowers / Coffee Mugs / Small Glass Tumblers / Duralex Glass Tumblers / Espresso Cups & Saucers / Large Serving Bowl / Juicer / Toaster / Dust Pan & Broom / Plastic Bag Holder / Espresso Machine / Wood Lazy Susan / Syrup Dispensers / 3 Piece Set / Crock / Brick Flooring / Stepstool

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