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Budget-Friendly Nursery Bathroom Makeover…now overbudget!

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know we’ve been working hard the last month on the nursery bathroom makeover. We had hoped to redo the bathroom relatively quickly and on a $3k maximum budget, saving money where we can. We’ve made a ton of progress in the space, but we’re over budget. Wah wah. Let’s jump in and I’ll explain.

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Nursery Bathroom Makeover Update

Here’s what we started with:

Here’s where we’re at currently.

The new tile and vanity are in, baseboards are installed and I’m happy to report, we removed the soffit box and repaired the drywall. We have a faux wood beam on order that will be installed in the corner to cover the vent pipe and electrical cord that is currently visible. If you’re wondering what’s going on with the mirror, we had to remove it and move it up several inches because the new vanity and countertop backsplash is higher than the original. Mike is using the wood to hold an air shim which is putting pressure on the mirror until the glue sets. All of that will be removed and we will add trim to the mirror.

Onto the tub/shower situation:

New paint and lighting have done wonders to eliminate the orange glow in the room! We had the tub and tile surround reglazed and while it’s not 100% perfect, it’s a significant improvement.

Another game-changer is the new door. We’re still waiting on the closet door – that one will be a bi-fold door – but this is already making me so happy. We also updated all of the electrical switches and cover plates.

Here’s an updated mood board of the direction I’m headed with the design:

To-do List:

  • Replace/install tub & shower plumbing fixtures
  • Caulk tub
  • Install vanity countertop & plumbing
  • Trim out mirror
  • Install vanity pendant lights
  • Install faux wood beam
  • Install closet bifold door
  • Paint doors to match trim
  • Accessorize & decorate!

The plumber and countertop fabricator are both scheduled to be here this week. We’re still waiting on some of the materials we ordered but everything should arrive in the next 1-2 weeks so we can finish the room!

Nursery Bathroom Makeover Expenses

Here’s an updated list of the expenditures thus far. I put an * next to items that were not previously budgeted or items that ended up being more than budgeted.


Floor Tile Install $400

Tub & Tile Reglazing $150* (Previously budgeted $100. The tub required an extra coat so we had to put a little more toward labor since we hired it out.) 

Plumbing $750* (The tub/shower plumbing was outdated and we need to break into the drywall behind the pipes to upgrade the plumbing. This was not a budgeted expense because we didn’t know until we removed the old fixtures. We are outsourcing this to the plumber. It includes the installation of all of the new fixtures.) 


Tub & Tile Reglazing $250* (Previously not budgeted because we had no idea how much the materials would cost.) 

Penny Tile $415

Vanity $520

Countertop $480* (We saved $20 by switching from the quartz to a granite. Once I saw the quartz in person, I didn’t like the sparkle it had to it so we’re going with black granite.)

Tub & Shower Trim Kit – $203

Sink Faucet $129

Tub Overflow Plate & Drain $125

Sink $125 *I previously budgeted $65 for this sink but we needed it sooner so we ended up purchasing this one from the home improvement store.

Bifold Closet Door $92

Pendant Lights $60

Flush Mount Lights $60

Faux Wood Beam $267* (The idea for the beam came after we started the project and opened up the soffit box. The beam and all drywall repairs associated with removing the soffit is an added expense. Well worth it in my opinion!)

Vanity Pulls & Knobs $30

Trim (Door & Baseboards) $150

Door Handle $30

Drywall Repair Materials $100* (See above. The drywall repairs associated with removing the soffit box was not a budgeted expense.)

Paint $40

Msc Supplies & Materials (grout, adhesive, caulk, electrical supplies) $100


Bath Mat $60* (Most definitely a splurge but I want to make a cute impact with the accessories.)

Shower Curtain & Rod – TBD

Towels – TBD

Towel, TP Hooks – TBD


+ $75 sold old vanity

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We’re Over budget!

Soooo, we’re currently $1500 over budget mostly due to the unexpected plumbing costs ($750) and the costs associated with the beam and repairing the drywall after we removed the soffit box (~$367). Without considering those over expenditures, we still would have been over budget ~$300-$500 pending the remaining accessories purchases.

Removing the soffit box and adding a beam was well worth the extra expense as far as we’re concerned and the plumbing…well, that stinks but there is not much to be done about that. We could have purchased different trim kits for the tub and kept the outdated plumbing as is, but we’d have to upgrade it eventually. We saved in other areas like reglazing the tub and tile and choosing budget-friendly finishes and materials.

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