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Week 4 One Room Challenge Update!

I can’t believe it’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge! Time is flying and we have just one more update before the reveal in 2 WEEKS! This week, it’s all about the cactus wallpaper!


Our ORC progress report grade for this week is a C-. Our minor stall in progress from last week continued into this week since we were distracted with painting the 2nd story exterior of our house! Oye vey. That project was a bit more time consuming and labor intensive than we anticipated so our to-do list for the guest bedroom did not get done (more on the exterior later). The plan was to have the baseboards and painting done and all the electrical receptacles replaced, to make way for the wallpaper installation. We did not get the baseboards in yet but we opted to go ahead and have our cactus wallpaper installed, so the WALLPAPER IS UP folks! Normally you would install baseboards and any trim before wallpaper so that the wallpaper hanger can cut directly along the top edge of the baseboard. Also, when installing baseboards after the wallpaper, you run a greater risk of damaging your paper. We’ll just have to be very careful when we install our baseboards but it’s not the end of the world. No one will notice that the wallpaper went in first. Anyway, I’ll stop blabbing about it and show it to you!! 

I still have to finish painting the walls that will not have wallpaper but you can see the oatmeal color we had paint matched from the wallpaper. Good enough if you ask me. Again, if you remember from my last post, much of this un-wallpapered wall won’t show because we’re hanging curtains and I would have needed at least three additional rolls of the wallpaper, most of which would have been trimmed for the windows.

Anyhoo, the wallpaper Gods are singing, are they not!?!

The trim painting is all done. Here’s an evolution of one corner of the space to remind you what it looked like before. Ahhh I’m so thrilled to finally see the cactus wallpaper up! I am in love with it.

The List Continues

We definitely have our work cut out for us in order to finish the room on time. We still have to install baseboards, finish painting, install door hardware, replace electrical receptacles, install lighting (I made a small change to my lighting selections since my last update but you’ll have to wait and see) and then I can start furnishing and styling! If you’re following along on Instagram and facebook you know I have received some awesome art which I’m so excited about! I ordered a custom frame for it and I’m also waiting on curtain rods and a few small accessories. Can’t wait!

If you’re just joining us, here’s the mood board for the space which shows you the overall direction I’m headed! modern boho guest bedroom

Don’t forget to see what the other ORC guest participation are up to!! one room challenge[optin-cat id=”787″]


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