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One Week Until the REVEAL!

I can’t believe it’s week 5 of the One Room Challenge! If you remember from last week’s post, the wallpaper is up, but we still had plenty to do, most of which I’m happy to say we accomplished! WHEW! We installed the baseboards, caulked and painted the baseboards, finished painting the walls that are not getting wallpapered, changed out the electrical receptacles and installed new door hardware. Here’s a shot of the mess, I mean the room, mid-baseboard install. And after with the new outlets, which have USB ports which I think is a great feature! And finally, the baseboard work was complete and it was time to start cleaning the floors and start the FUN STUFF! Like installing lighting! Originally I planned to go with modern fixtures in brass but I decided since we were doing black door hardware (keeping consistent with the rest of the house) that I would stick to a simpler palette in here since we all know the wallpaper is stealing the show. I don’t want it to feel too overwhelming and busy with many different finishes, especially since some of my accessories are colorful. Also, we already had this light fixture. It was in our foyer but it didn’t really work there. I love it in the guest bedroom so much more! We have a rug and bed! We also have a heck of a lot more work to do before the big reveal but I’m so psyched to have the dirty work done so I can focus on getting the pieces in the room and styling it out!

We still have to install the curtains, hang the art, bring in the rest of the furnishings and add all the accessories but it’s starting to finally shape up! Come back next week for the reveal!

P.S. Let me just remind you (and myself) what this room looked like before. Progress? I’d say so. 🙂

Head over and see what all of the other One Room Challenge guest participants are up to this week! one room challenge

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