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6 House Hacks to Make Life Easier (and Prettier)

I love a good hack. Anything to make life a little easier and streamline a process can save valuable time. Of course, it helps if the hack makes things look better too. 😉 There are a few things in our home that meet these criteria so today I’m breaking down 6 house hacks to make life easier.

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6 House Hacks to Make Life Easier

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1. A Pull-Out Trash Cabinet in the Kitchen

A pull-out trash in the kitchen is a must. It hides unsightly trash cans and frees up floor space. We have the 24″ IKEA SEKTION cabinet for trash and recycling and it houses two large bins. There is also a hidden drawer where we store things like aluminum foil and thrasher bags. If you don’t have a designated trash cabinet, it’s time to add one. You can purchase pull-out trash kits that include all the hardware to convert an existing cabinet into a trash can cabinet. You’ll want to make sure you get the right size for your cabinet. I like this one, this one, and this one.

2. Door Trash Cans in Bathrooms

Speaking of trash cans, let’s go ahead and get rid of those freestanding trash cans in the bathroom, too. A door trash can is a great alternative to keep unsightly trash and trash bins out of view. We have one in Shiloh’s bathroom and this small one in our wet bar sink cabinet. This one and this one are good options.

3. Drawer Organizers

silverware drawer organization

Drawer organizers are necessary for keeping drawers tidy. Not just in the kitchen either. They’re great for closets, dressers, junk drawers, and the bathroom. I have these dividers and these organizers in the kitchen and these have been great in Shiloh’s bathroom vanity to organize medicine and hair accessories.

4. Hot Water Dispenser

If you ever have the opportunity to add a hot water dispenser to your kitchen, I highly recommend it! It is a time saver and eliminates the need for a kettle. I use ours not just for tea and hot drinks but cooking and even cleaning.

5. Handheld Showerhead in Kids Bathroom

When we updated Shiloh’s bathroom I made sure to add a handheld showerhead in the bathtub and I’m so glad I did. It makes bathing her a breeze. It’s also easier to clean the bathtub, a convenient place to bathe the dogs, and helps to save water.

6. Curtain Hooks

Hanging curtains with drapery hooks and rings on the rod not only make it easier to open and close curtains but it looks a million times better. Most curtains have loops built-in on the backside for the hooks, which then clip onto rings. In the absence of custom drapery, this method will definitely elevate the look of your curtains.

There you have it, 6 house hacks to make life a little easier. What are some of your favorite house hacks?

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6 house hacks to make life easier

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