6 Small House Updates I Made this Month

Doesn’t the house always feel so bare after you put away all of the Christmas decorations? The empty space coupled with the urge to organize and refresh led me to get a few new things and make 6 small house updates that I’ve been loving.

6 Small House Updates I Made this Month

1. Art

The open shelves in the kitchen were particularly bare after the Christmas decorations were packed away. I feel like I always have the same look on our open shelves so I decided to add a couple of new pieces. I added this art behind some stacked plates and I’m loving the mood it gives to the kitchen. Speaking of art, now that the playroom light fixture is installed, the playroom reveal is in the near future. I’m adding some finishing touches including this watercolor (and ode to my jockey dad that passed and Shiloh’s love for horses), this bunny sketch, and this large print. Stay tuned for the full playroom reveal soon!

2. Lighting

I already mentioned the ceiling fixture for the playroom finally arrived after a several-month shipping delay but we also installed some new wall lighting. The upstairs hallway got two new matching sconces. It took a while to get them in because we had to move the lighting gang boxes and patch the drywall from the old ones. The spot in between the two windows over the stairs finally got a light fixture after 5 years lol! Follow me on Instagram to see those updates soon!

3. Bathroom Organizer

This bathroom organizer has been a game-changer on my counter. It stores all of my makeup and a lot of other stuff too. It freed up much-needed counter space and has really helped me organize myself in the bathroom.

4. Shelf Styling Accessories

Similar to the kitchen shelves, I wanted to add a few new accessories to the living room built-in shelves for a fresh look. I added a few new things including a trio of these cute ceramic bud vases. I put some dried flowers in one of them. I also added a vintage brass bell from Etsy.

5. Framed Photo for My Nightstand

One of my favorite photos from our holiday family photoshoot made it to my nightstand and it brings me joy every day. This is one of my favorite ways to incorporate family photos around the house and it’s the perfect spot for this photo.

6. Wooden Spoons for the Coffee Bar

I love the organic look of wooden spoons. I ordered these assorted wooden spoons over a year ago and they’re still delayed so when I saw these mini bamboo spoons in the store I bought six of them. Not only are they convenient, but they’re cute.

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