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6 Kitchen Must-Haves

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite kitchen gadgets. With an endless number of gadgets and appliances to choose from, these are the ones I turn to regularly and could not live without.Ā  Here are my top 6 kitchen must-haves.

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tips to help you organize your fridge

How to Organize Your Fridge

Our fridge stopped working and the appliance repair guy said it was $1200 to replace the compressor. Instead, we took advantage of the 4th of July sales and got ourselves a new one. We went with a Samsung counter-depth fridge

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Beginner Tips to Reduce Household Waste

We’ve been composting as part of our efforts to get our garden up and running and it has got me thinking about other ways to reduce waste. While I feel like a zero-waste lifestyle is quite a commitment, today I’m

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how to make homemade aloe vera gel

Homemade Aloe Vera Gel

Last weekend hubby and I worked outside and we got so sunburnt! This prompted me to make my own homemade aloe vera gel using the flesh from the aloe plants we have growing in the landscaping. If you don’t have

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5 Easy Tips for Starting a Vegetable Garden

Ever since we bought this house, we’ve been talking about starting a vegetable garden.Ā  I have a Pinterest board dedicated to pretty garden inspirationĀ and I’ve been dreaming up what the garden will look like. The timing hasn’t been right in

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