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How to Organize Your Fridge

Our fridge stopped working and the appliance repair guy said it was $1200 to replace the compressor. Instead, we took advantage of the 4th of July sales and got ourselves a new one. We went with a Samsung counter-depth fridge with a 4th “flex zone” drawer.  As I was emptying the old fridge and living out of our mini-fridge while we waited on the new one to arrive, I took the opportunity to purge and integrate some fridge organization habits. It’s been a week or so since I’ve had the new fridge so I’m going to help you organize your fridge!

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How to Organize Your Fridge

how to organize your fridge

Investing in some bins and containers is the best thing you can do to organize your fridge! Using bins in the fridge to group together like things is life-changing! It keeps the fridge tidy and makes cleanup easy too in the event of a spill. One of my favorite organizing tools I purchased is a lazy Susan. I keep it on the top shelf and use it to hold vinegar, pickled goods, and jam. Gone are the days of moving things around to see what’s in the back of the fridge. The berry caddy is also super useful and I highly recommend investing in reusable silicone food storage bags.

1. Silicone Food Storage Bags / 2. Divided Berry Bin / 3. Rubbermaid Container / 4. Produce Storage Bins / 5. Ice Cube Bin Tray / 6. Storage Bin Set / 7. Lazy Susan / 8.  Roll Out Fridge Caddy / 9. Can and Bottle Stacker 

how to organize your fridge

The roll-out fridge caddy is pretty cool too. I use it for herbs and put the ones I use less often in the back of the caddy. I love it because it eliminates the need to move things around to see what’s behind what. I have been using the Rubbermaid container for lettuce/spinach/kale. I transfer it from its original packaging into the container immediately. Not only is it cleaner to look at but it keeps the greens fresh longer. Additionally, I recommend washing berries and other produce right when you bring it home from the grocery store before you put it in the fridge. This saves you time later and makes it more likely that you will use it before it goes bad.

how to organize your fridge drawer

The “flex zone” drawer has proved to be great for snacks and small beverages. I used a few bins in this drawer to group together yogurt and applesauce, sausage and deli meat, string cheese, etc. In the freezer, I used a couple of ice bins to group together beef and fish. These bins and organizing tools are vital to helping oganize your fridge.

how to organize your fridge freezer

Also, if you don’t have a food vacuum sealer, I highly recommend one! We use it to seal meat and seafood (among other things) that we purchase in bulk from Costco.

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