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Turning a Shed into a Chicken Coop

Hi, friends! We started a new project and it’s for our cute little backyard flock! We’re turning a shed into a chicken coop. Here’s the backstory: A few months ago one of our hens was attacked by a fox. She survived because I was lucky enough to catch the attack in progress but she was in rough shape and lived in the bathtub for 8 days. It was very traumatizing…for her and me! Since then, my anxiety about another attack has been through the roof. I’ve even had dreams about it! It’s the worst!

The flock is getting a new house! Our current coop is just big enough for our 4 hens and it doesn’t have a run so we let them free range all day. We need a larger coop with a secure, enclosed run attached so they can scratch and hang out when they’re not free-ranging. I do still plan to let them free-range, but only for a limited period of time when I am outside with them to deter predators. This will also help cut back on the chicken poop around the yard, patio and porch (they poop a lot, y’all), make it easier if we go out of town and keep them from wandering into the neighbor’s pasture.

(Look how little they were!!!)

Turning a Shed Into a Chicken Coop

So, here’s what’s happening. We have an open storage shed on our property and we’ll be turning a shed into a chicken coop. Its appearance currently leaves a lot to be desired but the footprint is perfect and it’s already partially built for us. We’re not using it for much more than storage for tractor accessories, which can easily be stored elsewhere. So we’re going to convert this 12’x14′ shed into a coop and build an enclosed 20′ run off the side of it. At the recommended square footage per chicken, that means I can house up to 2 dozen chickens! Don’t worry, we only plan to add 4-6 hens…for now. 😉

We started by installing posts that will make up the frame of the run. Next, we will add cross boards for the roof and then enclose the run with hardware cloth (basically heavy-duty chicken wire). Then we’ll pour concrete for the coop floor and start building the walls.

We have a lot of work but trust me, we’re going to turn that ugly shed into the cutest coop for our girls and lock that s**t down like Fort Knox to keep them safe from predators. I plan to paint it white, add plenty of windows for ventilation, nesting boxes for egg laying on the left side, an automatic door that will let the girls into the run in the morning and lock them in the coop at night, a window box, landscaping and maybe a pretty vine growing over the top of the run. Can you see it? Here’s some inspiration that I’m loving:

Via Cottonwood Shanty

Via Southern Revivals



I’m so excited about turning a shed into a chicken coop! Typically we would just build or buy something so this project is a little bit different since we have an existing structure. I can’t wait to have a new home for our girls and add to our flock!

Stay tuned!

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