Black Outdoor Wall Lanterns Roundup

I have been on the hunt for some new black outdoor wall lanterns to complement our existing outdoor wall sconces. Prior to our addition, we had 3 outdoor lights on the front of our house and two on the side porch area. The side porch has been demolished and the breezeway has been built in its place, as a result, those two side lights have disappeared. Since the garage has 4 wall lights I wanted the front of the house to be symmetrical so I had the electricians relocate one of the side porch lights to the front of the house so that we have 4 on the house and 4 on the garage.


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exterior wall light placement

Here’s the issue. Our existing wall sconces are no longer available.

They’re gorgeous French farmhouse-style sconces from Restoration Hardware. I also think 8 of the same sconce would be too much repetition so I decided to mix styles. We’re keeping the existing sconces, moving them around a little bit, and pairing them with an additional style. I started pinning lighting that I liked and considered what would look best with our existing sconces. I want to keep them black but I feel like the style has to be intentionally different so instead of a sconce with a gooseneck like our current ones, I decided on black outdoor wall lanterns.

Black Outdoor Wall Lanterns I’m Loving

The hunt ensued and I found so many that I love.

black exterior wall lanterns

  1. Stratton Street Lantern
  2. Aluminum Wall Light
  3.  Sona Outdoor Lantern
  4. Traditional Outdoor Lantern
  5. Edgehill Lantern
  6. Hingham Lantern
  7. French Quarter Lantern
  8. Caleb Lantern
  9. Manor Glass & Iron Lantern
  10. Elsinore Lantern
  11. Pacifica Lantern
  12. Lombard Lantern

First, I ordered #3 and we liked the style but the scale was a bit too small and the top sat too high. I need something around 20″ high, similar to our existing ones and I need the hardwire box to sit higher on the back of the fixture, not in the center otherwise they hang above the window frame and it doesn’t look right. We returned it and then I ordered #7. The scale and price were on point but stylistically there was something I didn’t like about it. And it’s bronze, not a true black and I wasn’t digging it with our other sconces. I returned it and ordered #5. I’m waiting on it to arrive but I loooove the style. It feels like a modern interpretation of a wall lantern. It’s not as budget-friendly as the first two I tried but as my friend put it, “quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.” Stay tuned.

black outdoor farmhouse lantern

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