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Living Room Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes

If you’re following along on Instagram then you know that I recently swapped our living room rug for this pretty patterned one. Well, that’s just the beginning! We are in the middle of making some changes to the room including a new layout. First, let’s look back at where we started.

Here’s a look after swapping the rug for this gorgeous patterned number.

After swapping the rug I was feeling inspired to address our living room seating. We purchased our sectional a few years ago, just after finishing our kitchen reno. It’s always been too small for the space but at the time, I was happy just to have new seating and figured we’d get to it eventually. I measured the space and taped out the dimensions of the pieces I planned to add. This view is perfect for demonstrating how inadequate the sectional was for the space.

Our living room is rectangular in shape so I planned to add a love seat size piece on the side closest to the front door and on the other side, a chair. When I went online to build the order, I learned that our upholstery fabric is no longer available. Wah wah. Well, that put a damper on the situation. I researched purchasing new slipcovers but it was outrageous. I’ve always wondered what a two sofa scenario would look like in our space so I started thinking about that. We have a short-term solution that will work great for now, and a long-term plan to work toward after we finish our garage addition project.

The Short-Term Solution

I broke up our three-piece sectional and combined the two loveseats to create one long 9′ sofa. Then I bought a 7′ inexpensive second-hand sofa from Facebook Marketplace for the other side of hte living room.

Now that we’ve sat on it for a bit (see what I did there?), we love it and agree that a two sofa situation better serves us. Check out how this arrangement better maximizes the space!

With the new seating changes, we need to address the tables. Our current coffee table – which wasn’t ever really supposed to stay in here – is too small. This is my dream coffee table but I’m not sure yet if we’ll splurge for it now or wait. We also need a larger round side table in the corner between the two sofas. I tried this one but I wasn’t diggin’ it so I sent it back. After spending hours searching for the perfect fit, I eventually found a local woodworker to make one custom for me to my desired dimensions. For the other side of the gray sofa, I won a bid on this antique rustic bench to use as a side table. As for lighting, I ordered this table lamp for the round table in the corner, but it will take forever to get here. I also love the idea of a tall, shaded floor lamp. I’m swooning over this one but I need to find a dupe because holy price tag. I kept our existing ones and added this one, this one, and this one from my favorite shop for pillows.

The Long Term Goal

The long-term goal is to sell our three-piece sectional and replace the makeshift 9′ sofa with a 10′ Belgian Track Arm sofa from Restoration Hardware. Our living room can handle a 10′ sofa size on the long side of the room opposite the fireplace. Then on the other side, opposite the TV, I will replace our FB marketplace second-hand sofa with a new sofa. It’s too soon to tell what I’ll do since this isn’t happing anytime soon, but I can tell you I love this sofa in the sage or nectarine upholstery (see below). I also saw that Jean Stoffer started an upholstery line and I love this one.

I like to keep a mood board for each room. It helps me stay on track when making decisions. Here is my mood board for the living room.

The Daly Digs Living Room Mood Board

Our armchairs will stay put as well as our existing vintage stools (similar to the ones on the mood board). But I’m loving how the replacement sofas in the long-term plan are all working together. Stay tuned as this unfolds slowly over the next couple of years. 😉

Shop the look:

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