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What Our Kitchen Renovation Cost

I have been meaning to share what our kitchen renovation cost since we finished a few months ago. Although the post is titled “kitchen renovation cost” it includes the kitchen as well as the areas adjacent to the kitchen that we renovated simultaneously (the powder room, mudroom, and wet bar we added). Some of the renovation expenses were not limited to just the kitchen (drywall and flooring for example). I separate expenses by room where possible, but keep in mind we were renovating several “rooms” with many expenses spanning across more than one.

farmhouse kitchen with black range and shaker cabinets

What Our Kitchen Renovation Cost

Construction Costs:

  • Equipment Rentals (dumpsters, scissor lift) $1700
  • Floor Removal $2400
  • AC Ductwork Modifications $2400
  • Engineer $400
  • Plumbing $3500
  • Propane Tank Install & Fill $3600
  • Drywall $6200
  • Msc Building Supplies & Materials  $5000

Total = $25,200

The construction phase of our project was long and very involved, hence higher costs in this area. Remember, we re-routed plumbing in our foundation, removed old flooringmoved walls, re-ran a significant amount of electrical, etc. We did a ton of labor ourselves saving us thousands. Although we didn’t get quotes for all of the work we chose not to outsource, we did save $4-8k by doing all the demolition and $5-10k in electrician fees by doing all the work in those areas ourselves.  Hubby also did all the framing for the walls we moved before the drywall guys came in. (Please don’t go attempting to DIY your electrical work unless you know what you’re doing and have experience!)


  • Engineered Hardwood flooring (throughout kitchen, dining and stairs into the living room) $5000
  • Flooring Install $3455

Total = $8,455


Total = $10,190

We purchased a refrigerator and dishwasher prior to renovation so we were able to allocate more resources to the range. We saved over $1500 on the range and range hood by using our 10% Lowe’s military discount combined with a special incentive they were offering at the time.

Kitchen Materials & Finishes:

  • Tile $1200
  • Tile Install $660
  • Cabinets (IKEA) $4500
  • Cabinet doors, panels, toe kicks, filler (Semihandmade) $6800
  • Quartz Countertops (slabs, fabrication & install) $7500
  • Plumbing Fixtures (farm sink, wet bar sink, faucets, sink rack) $6200
  • Cabinet hardware, wire mesh inlay $700
  • Lighting $485
  • Bar Stools $315

Total = $28,360

Assembling and installing the cabinetry probably saved us a significant amount of money but we never got a quote. We also built the support wall in the center of the island ourselves which was a project in and of itself.

Powder Room:

  • Tile $2100
  • Tile Install $750
  • Vanity (Concrete Sink, Bracket Support, DIY Wood Base) $500
  • Door $150
  • Light Fixture $200
  • Faucet, Mirror, Towel Ring, TP holder $400
  • Vintage Rug $80

Total = $4,180


  • Hexagon Tile $1000
  • Tile Install $300
  • Vintage Bench $175

Total = $1,475

Grand Total ~$78k

So there ya have it. That’s what our kitchen renovation cost. It is a pretty significant number and some expenses during construction were definitely higher than we anticipated. However, our remodel was elaborate and in the end, we selected quality finishes. Of course, we could have saved in many areas but this is not a flip house. It is our forever home and we invested in the things that mattered to us.

I was savvy in a few areas that saved us a significant amount. For example, we purchased our IKEA cabinets and Semihandmade cabinet doors during their 15% off sale. We got 20% off the range and range hood and as I discussed, we saved a significant amount by doing a ton of labor ourselves.  I was fortunate to work with a few brands that are featured in the reno for promotional content and any extra savings in those areas was an added bonus allowing us to select a wide variety of quality finishes throughout the reno.

Just as a reminder:

farmhouse kitchen remodel

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6 Responses

  1. This is such an informative breakdown, thank you! Your renovation is absolutely stunning and your attention to detail makes it worth every penny. I’m sure you’ll recoup the cost when you sell and then some!

  2. I found your blog through Instagram. Your kitchen is absolutely lovely. The cabinet color and all the selections are spot on. We’re about to tackle a kitchen renovation as well. For a frame of reference, approx how many linear feet of cabinets (or approx how many Ikea cabinets) and door fronts did you buy? And approx how much counter space? I’m trying to get a better understanding of the cabinet and counter top estimate as we embark on our own renovation. Countertops seem to be a hard thing to estimate cost unless someone comes out to measure and give an estimate. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much, Stasia! We have 19 total cabinets including the wet bar and the outside of the island. Our island is abnormally large so keep that in mind. Regarding countertops, we have about 104 sq ft of countertops total and our quartz was around $68/sq ft. I hope that helps!!

    1. On our island we used a now discontinued color carried by our cabinet maker at the time. It’s a gray-green color that was called “clay.” On our outer perimeter cabinets we used a now discontinued color called “ivory” that is a creamy white.

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