Our Small Home Office Reveal

When we added the garage, we created additional air-conditioned square footage in the breezeway that connects the house to the garage. Most of the breezeway is dedicated to the mudroom, but we also squeezed in a small home office (and the wine room, but we’ll get to that later). Prior to this, we had no area in the house that functioned as an office, so having this space has been a game-changer. It’s small and intimate, but very functional.

The office is accessed via a pocket door by the cubbies. In the pre-construction phase, I realized the breezeway was large enough to accommodate a mudroom and squeeze in a small office and I’m so happy we did.

It’s a long, narrow room with just enough width for a desk and chair. One day we may build it out with custom cabinetry, but for now, we purchased some affordable office furniture and it’s working well.

Our Small Home Office Reveal

Shop the Look:

We purchased this matching desk, 2 of these bookshelves, and one bookshelf with storage. I grounded the desk with a rug and added an office chair. On the open bookshelves, I added several linen-covered boxes for storage and finished off the styling with some old and new decor, books and framed photos.

The wall behind the desk called for something substantial in size so I thought this pinboard was the perfect addition. I have some of my favorite inspiration, furniture, wallpaper, tile and plans for future projects pinned.

I hung a set of green linen curtains behind the desk and overexaggerated the rod to make the small window appear larger.

We can’t forget the fur babies. They take turns chilling on the dog bed next to my desk when I’m working in there.

This little office is small but mighty! Here’s a look at everything we used to fill the space.

Bookshelf / Woven Basket / Terracotta Bowl / Woven Tray / Art / Curtain Rod / Curtains / Pinboard / Linen Box / Linen Magazine Holder / Linen Paper Drawers / Gold Frames / Book / Book / Book / Book / Book / Screen / Lamp / Chair / Throw Blanket / Desk / Rug / Dog Bed / Bookshelf w/Storage

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