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Mudroom Update and Cabinetry Design

Mudroom Update and Cabinetry Design

It’s been a few months since I shared the overall direction of the mudroom with you, and since then we’ve solidified a few things so it’s a good time for an update. The mudroom is the first area we’re working on in the additional square footage we added with our garage and breezeway addition. It is a long room connecting the garage to the kitchen and will serve as a drop zone and storage for shoes, bags…all the things.

Mudroom Update

Flooring & Lighting are in!

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, then you know we’ve come a long way since it looked like this.

The paint is done and we have a gorgeous brick basketweave floor. I am so happy with how it turned out! The grout color decision was a tricky one but ultimately we went with a gray tone called Sahara Beige rather than ivory for maintenance and upkeep.

Also, yay for lighting! I chose these cute semi-flush mount lights and they look great installed. At first, I had them centered on the room but didn’t take into account the door placement so Mike moved them to the right a bit.… Read more

My Hunt for the Perfect Farmhouse Entryway Bench

My Hunt for the Perfect Farmhouse Entryway Bench

Last week, I shared the mood board for our new mudroom. I mentioned wanting to include a bench on the wall in between the two windows. For weeks I have been scouring the internet to find the perfect wooden farmhouse entryway bench to use in this space.

Here you can see the wall in question. The wall in between the two windows is where I plan to put a bench. It’s about 69″ wide.

I love the idea of a spindle-back bench that feels very farmhouse-y. I’ve been looking high and low and decided to round up some I found on my search. Here are my favorites.

Farmhouse Entryway Bench Roundup

farmhouse bench

  1. Reclaimed oval bench¬† (54, 66, 78 or 90″)
  2. Weathered brown teak bench (57″w)
  3. Windsor oak bench (53.25″)
  4. Dexter Bench (60″w)
  5. Low-back bench (59″w)
  6. Curved spindle-back bench (62″w)
  7. Vintage Swedish pine bench (73″w)
  8. Pine spindle storage bench (70″w)
  9. 4-drawer storage bench (67″w)
  10. Teak bench (77.5″w)
  11. Vintage Austrian bench (76″w)
  12. Handmade country pine bench (76.5″w)

Some of these are vintage and some are new. #1 is the only one without a back but I included it because it is beautiful and comes in many sizes.… Read more

Our New Mudroom Design Mood Board

Our New Mudroom Design Mood Board

As our garage + breezeway addition gets closer to wrapping up, I’ve been really narrowing in on design selections for the new rooms we’re adding – the mudroom, office, and wine room – and the plan for transforming our existing small mudroom/pantry/wet bar area into one large butler’s pantry. Although we won’t be able to tackle it all at once, I’ve been intimately considering all the possibilities design-wise. The first area we will likely tackle after the garage is completed and the driveway is installed will be the new mudroom. It’s located in the breezeway between the garage and our house. It will be a high-traffic area and workhouse so I need it to be functional and beautiful.

Our New Mudroom

I have been pinning mudroom inspiration foreverrrr. Here is a little glimpse into my mudroom pinboard:


Here’s is the mudroom after drywall.

The new mudroom measures about 21′ long and 8′ wide. We recessed one wall to allow for built-in cubbies but I didn’t have that much wiggle room because we squeezed in a small office on the other side of the wall.… Read more

Our Small Farmhouse Mudroom Reveal

Our Small Farmhouse Mudroom Reveal

Happy New Year, friends! Today is the first reveal of our big renovation of the kitchen and the area off of the kitchen and we’re starting with the reveal of our farmhouse mudroom!

Remember the plan to convert this little office nook to a mudroom? Prior to our renovation, we had a small office nook immediately off of the side door entrance of our house. I decided to convert the area to a small mudroom entryway. Here’s a look at what it looked like before and after demo.

As you can see on the image above, we completely demolished the area, including the walls. We actually moved the exposed wall to the right, toward the window about 2 feet to create a little extra space on the other side for the pantry and wet bar (more on that later).

Here’s a look back at my farmhouse mudroom design plan from when I first introduced the project:

farmhouse mudroom design scheme

I wanted to define the mudroom area with hexagon tile, panel the walls, add built-in locker storage, replace the side door with a dutch door and finish off the space with vintage furnishings and accessories.… Read more

Our Small Mudroom Design Plan

Our Small Mudroom Design Plan

If you’ve been following along then you know that as part of the kitchen reno we’re also remodeling the space off the kitchen that will include a mudroom, pantry, wet bar and powder room. I’ve talked a little about the mudroom¬†on Instagram but today I’m sharing all the details and plans for our small mudroom design.

Previously, the area that we’re making into the mudroom was being used as an office nook with desk space. The space greets you immediately when you enter the house from the side door, the door we use primarily. It has a tall window you can see out when you’re standing in the kitchen. There is also an attic access door on the ceiling. We toyed around with the idea of changing the way we access the attic but either our ideas wouldn’t work or were just too difficult, so we’re leaving it as is. The purpose of the mudroom is to provide storage for purses, briefcases, future kiddos backpacks, jackets, mail, etc, which all used to accumulate on our kitchen countertops. I want the new kitchen island to remain free of clutter, so we need a better solution.… Read more