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My New Kitchen Decor Finds

January always brings the urge to refresh and re-arrange things around the house, am I right? The striking of Christmas decor makes things feel bare and all of the new Spring decor collections are being unveiled, it’s just a great time to shop your house, move things around, and grab a few new fresh pieces. I re-arranged my built-ins in the living room, got a set of gorgeous new green boucle chairs, and added some small decor pieces here and there.

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The kitchen was an area where I needed to refresh a couple of things. My dish towels were ragged, my spoon rest was chipped and I have been finishing off the styling in our new pantry space. So I took the opportunity to add a few decor pieces and I had to share my new kitchen decor finds.

My New Kitchen Decor Finds

These kitchen dish towels are amazing. They’re oversized, cute, and absorbent. I have one hanging from the peg rail in the pantry and it’s so charming.

I got this cute little paddle / cutting board and styled it beside my kitchen sink to corral my kitchen caddy, a candle, and a small vase. It adds a cute little moment to my countertop.

I’ve been on the hunt for some amazing-smelling candles. I had these for the holidays and they were amazing! My friend turned me on to them and this will be what I use every holiday season. But, I needed a new non-holiday scent. I asked for recommendations and several people recommended this line. I got a few to try and am really loving the baltic amber and forbidden fig. The jars are gorgeous and the scent is so good.

This little brass easel is so cute, use it to style a cookbook or framed art on the counter or a shelf. I have a spot in the corner of the pantry under the upper cabinet so there’s not a ton of height. I’m going to style it there when it comes in.

My coffee bar makes me so happy. We got a new espresso machine around the holidays and I love my morning coffee ritual. Having a cute styled coffee catchall next to the espresso machine not only makes me happy but also keeps things tidy and within reach for ease. I got these new coffee syrups to try and these gorgeous glass dispensers to put them in. They are taking my coffee bar situation up a notch.

One of my goals this year is to make more food at home. Making bread at home always intimidated me, but I decided this is the year! I ordered a sourdough starter (I was too intimidated to start my own) and I got this bread bag for bread storage. It comes with a stone to warm the bread, how cool is that.

Our spoon rest chipped and when I saw this ruffled one, I had to have it.

When I designed the pantry, I wanted a cabinet with open shelves to display pretty things. I used cookbooks, cake stands, serving bowls, and art to style it but I needed a couple of things to fill in the blanks and this crock is one of my additions. I’m using it to hold faux flowers. It comes in larger sizes too if you need a new kitchen crock.

If you’ve been around a while then you know my love for my butter bell (or butter crock). It’s one of my favorite pieces of functional kitchen decor. I have a blog post dedicated to butter bells and I have shared my love for our speckled ceramic butter bell many times over the years. But when I saw this ruffled butter bell, my heart stopped. It’s such a cute design! Ruffles and scallops are all the rage right now. I don’t necessarily need a new butter bell, but I had to have it!

I love my new kitchen decor finds. It doesn’t take much to refresh a space, sometimes it’s just something small you need.

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My New Kitchen Decor Finds

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