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Construction Update: A Yellow Pantry

I have a lot of pantry progress to update you on! In my last update, I shared my cabinet color indecisiveness and that I settled on gray. Well, I changed my mind again and ended up going for a bold move instead and I’m so glad I did. I ended up choosing Benjamin Moore’s baked cumin and it’s so pretty. I had a hard time with color in this space but sometimes it’s just a process! I am so excited to have a yellow pantry.

Baked Cumin is such a pretty shade. It’s described as “a spiced, toasted brown with an organic, lived-in quality.” I’d describe it as a muted yellow-brown. In a lot of the 2024 trend predictions that I have seen, yellow is anticipated to be big in design this year. I couldn’t agree more. Our yellow pantry is already trendy.

For a room with as little square footage as we have in this space, we have packed so much in. We have 3 appliances including fridge storage, a nugget ice maker, a dishwasher, and a sink. There is a large pantry storage cabinet and still tons of storage for other things. This space will become our coffee/beverage station and also a place where small appliances like the blender, almond cow, toaster, and juicer will live.

The butcher block countertops were installed and we stained them a dark brown. I love the contrast of the dark brown with the paint color.

For the backsplash tile, I chose weathered white zellige in the 4×4 square. I wanted to tie in the Zellige backsplash we have in the kitchen, but our exact tile there is from a small batch and can’t be replicated. I figured the 4×4 was a good way to tie it in while doing something different at the same time. And I’m in love with the way the color variation in the weathered white tile looks with the yellow pantry cabinets.

We have a couple of things left to finish off the space. I was waiting on hardware that had a long lead time but I may give up and switch gears. I need to paint the window trim and I think I’m regretting my decision to do recessed lights and want to do a cute flush mount fixture instead. Stay tuned, the reveal of our yellow pantry will be here soon.

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