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Wallpaper Roundup!

I have wallpaper on my mind folks! As you may know, we’re in the middle of our guest room makeover for the One Room Challenge, and I’m so excited to finally introduce wallpaper into the #dalydigs! I love wallpaper so I thought I’d put together a wallpaper roundup of some of my favorite wallpaper prints and sources for you!

Aimee Wilder

I love Aimee Wilder wallpaper! We are using the cactus spirit print in our guest room and I can’t wait to see it up! I also really, really love the pineapple print for a pantry. There are a ton more color options  for these prints on her website, check them out.

1. Pina Sol / 2. Cactus Spirit / 3. Jungle Dream / 4. Deliciosa

Amber Interiors

Amber is a designer out in LA doing fantastic, inspiring things with her clean Cali boho style. I love everything she does, including this fantastic wallpaper she designed, inspired by global textiles. Mudcloth wallpaper!?! Shut up. I am so in love with Mali print I am convinced I’ll use it when we redo our powder room.

5. Mali / 6. Hunan / 7. Shibori

Hygge & West

No wallpaper roundup is complete without Hygge & West. They sell a manageable variety of prints and all of the designs are on point. We had the daydream print in our old house. The petal pusher design is by a fun blogger and product designer Oh Joy! I am obsessed with the gold tassels (I think it’s new). Seriously, guys, Hygge & West is not to be missed if you’re on the hunt for wallpaper. I love so many more than I’ve included here.

8. Daydream / 9. Petal Pusher / 10. Tassels / 11. Carved Ogee

The Jungalow

If you are a boho or plant loving person, you have to follow The Jungalow, a blog by the boho and plant loving designer Justina Blakeney. Justina is all about boldness and color and everything she calls “jungalicious” and I love it! I was soooo close to doing the cosmic desert print in our guest room.

12. Fez / 13. Cosmic Desert / 14. Aja / 15. Nana

Kate Zaremba

This is another great source for super fun wallpaper. How cute are those avocados!!? She also has a lemon print that I love.

16. Diamonds / 17. Muse / 18. Triangle Print / 19. It’s Raining Avocado


Anthropologie is another fantastic source for wallpaper. They sell designs by a few of the other designers I’ve mentioned here. Their selection is broad, yet not overwhelming. Definitely somehting for everyone.

20. Jovana / 21. Dog-a-Day / 22. Chatteron / 23. Striation 

Graduate Collection 

I know this yellow one is funky but I love it! I also really love the red kitchen print for a pantry! So cute!

24. Vestige / 25. Airfix Kitchen

House of Hackney

This wallpaper is definitely bizarre but I saw it done in a bathroom by a blog I follow and it was soooo good. Anything that combines animals and cocktails is a win in my book!

26. Hackney Empire Ochre Stripe / 27. Hackney Empire Midnight Stripe 

There ya have it! A wallpaper roundup of some of my favorite wallpaper sources and patterns. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to wallpaper if you’re hungry for more. Now, who’s ready to go wallpaper a room??

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  1. These are so fun and I can really get a sense of your style. I never really jumped on the bandwagon of the Damask wallpapers that we were seeing a few years ago – just not my vibe but I’m really into the ones that have a brick wall look or shiplap – it really makes a room look so full of character!

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