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Shiplap Built-In Entertainment Center REVEAL!

Oh my lord y’all. It has taken FOREVER but our custom shiplap built-in project is finally done! We hired the job out and the woodworkers started 6 MONTS AGO! Needless to say, we won’t be hiring those guys again due to their lackadaisical schedule but they did do a decent job and overall we’re happy with how it turned out.

Before we jump in, let’s take it back. I first introduced you guys to the project in this post where I showed you the blank wall in our living room that was begging for a built-in unit, and I rounded up some shiplap built-in styles and shelf styling inspiration that I love. More recently, I gave you an update here.

Shiplap Built-in Process

This is wall before we started. It’s a huge wall and since it’s the only full wall in our living room, it’s where the TV would go, making it perfect for a built-in unit. The first step was framing it out and then electrical work. We had to move all of the outlets forward and add an outlet and HDMI cables in the center so that the TV can be hung. We also had the electrician wire for light fixtures at the top of each of the shelving units. I almost didn’t do this due to the expense, but I’m so glad I did. I love the look the lights give to the shiplap built-in.  shiplap built-in progressWe ultimately opted to replicate a shiplap built-in style originally done by one of my favorite design studios, Studio McGee.

Custom Shiplap Built-in REVEAL

Here we are today!

ship-lap built in shiplap bulit-in shelf stylingThe watercolor pet portrait is by Kristin Dunreath.
global style built-ins shelf styling props for shelves how to style shelves shiplap built-in project custom shiplap built-in ship-lap built in entertainment center shiplap built-in shelfNearly all of the accessories on the shelves are one-of-a-kind or vintage.
shiplap built-in shelf styling I’m so glad I chose to add the wiring for two of these sconces above the bookshelves.
Huge thank you to Kera Photography for all of the amazing images of the built-in!!

Project Expense Breakdown

In case you’re wondering the expense of the project, here goes. The woodworkers charged us $3400 but gave us a discount along the way (for delays and not showing up one day :/ ) and we ended up paying them $3100. Electrical work was separate and we paid about $1000 to move all the outlets, add an outlet/HDMI plugs and wire for new light fixtures at the top of each of the shelving units ($200 each to add). I purchased these brass cabinet door handles for about $55.00 and two of these swing-arm sconces were $237.00. We ended up making the shelves ourselves after having issues with the ones the woodworkers made, which cost less than $50 for lumber and stain. All in all, our grand total for this project was around $4,400. Plus the TV haha.

TV Drama

Speaking of TV, let me tell you about that. Do you remember the TV size deliberation? Originally hubby wanted an 85″ TV. In his defense, considering the size of the wall and the distance the TV will be from the sofa, would have been a good size. But an 85″ TV is ridiculously expensive and we couldn’t rationalize it so we purchased a 75″ instead. Well, after ordering it and going through the trouble of installing the monstrosity, it looked too small. We left it up for a week or so to be sure, asking everyone that came through our door if they agreed (most did).  Ultimately we returned it for an 82″ TV. An 82″ is less expensive than an 85″ but close enough in size and looked much better on the built-in so that’s where we landed.

Needless to say, we went through a lot with this project. I’m so glad it’s finally done and I’m pleased with the results. It really makes an impact in the living room. I love the shelves and having a place to display keepsakes.

So, tell me! What do you guys think of it?!?

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  1. Absolutely love this built in and all of the fun accessories! What a fun way to display memories and keepsakes.

  2. Looks awesome! How high did you install the tv mount? Ive been looking at doing this in my basement. Trying to make sure I have everything correct before I start.

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