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Introduction to our Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover

All the progress on the nursery had me itching to freshen up the nursery en suite bathroom. The nursery was serving as a catch-all room prior to its makeover so the attached bathroom didn’t really get a lot of use. Therefore, we had no reason to give it any attention…until now. Aside from removing the carpet from the bathroom when we moved in (yes, carpet!) we hadn’t done anything else in the space. Since we have a lot of expenses associated with the nursery and impending arrival of babe, this last-minute project would have to be a budget-friendly bathroom makeover. We decided we would try to keep this project under $3000.

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Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover: The Before

The bathroom is a decent size with space for a 60″ vanity. The layout is funky but not awful. The tub is around the corner and the nursery closet is accessed via the bathroom.

I had hoped to remove the box over the vanity but it has a vent pipe inside. We could scale it back, but not completely eliminate it…at least not without blowing the budget. I’m unsure as of now what we’ll do about it. Fun fact, we sold the old vanity on Facebook Marketplace for $75, which is a few extra bucks we can put toward the project.

The door situation is tricky. The door to the closet is right behind the door to enter the bathroom. We’ll resolve this either by replacing the closet door with a bifold door or making the bathroom door swing outward into the bedroom to open…or both?

The bathroom has a tub/shower combo which is nice because the other upstairs bathroom has a walk-in shower.

Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover: The Plan

Bathtub Situation

To save some major cash we are going to keep the bathtub and tub surround tile. It’s in good shape and functioning, so instead of demo-ing, removing and replacing it all, we’re going to reglaze it. This process can easily be DIY’d in a day but our tile guy is going to do it for $100. The other quote I received was $599 so it really depends on your situation if this is a savings. In our case, it totally is. We’re saving on junk hauling, a new tub, new tile and labor to install the new tile, at a minimum. When I shared about the reglazing on Instagram I received a lot of positive feedback but a couple did say that it doesn’t last forever and may begin to show wear after a few years. We’re fine with that. I will try to capture the process and share more after we have the reglazing done.

Everything Else

Aside from the bathtub and tile, we plan to replace everything except the toilet (it’s new) and potentially the mirror. We are installing new floor tile, a new vanity, countertop, sink, faucets, lighting, accessories, trim and doing a fresh coat of paint.

Here’s a look at the direction I’m headed with the design:

For floor tile I’m so excited to use penny tile! I’ve been waiting for the right project and this is it! I found a budget-friendly white penny tile and added a couple sheets of black and green so we can create a flower pattern in the tile. The green will tie in nicely with the nursery. Here’s my inspiration:

Image source

When we decided to redo the bathroom, I reached out to the countertop guys that did our kitchen countertops. They were great to work with and their shop is right around the corner. I asked if they had any countertop remnants leftover from any projects and they sent me some options including this black quartz. Not only that, but they hooked me up with a 60″ white shaker vanity from their cabinet contact.

For bathtub, shower and sink fixtures I’m leaning toward Delta faucets in champagne bronze.

New paint, trim, lighting and a handful of accessories and we’ll be done!


Budget-Bathroom Makeover Expenses

Here is a breakdown of the budgeted expenses thus far.


Floor Tile Install – $400

Tub & Tile Reglazing – $100


Penny Tile – $415

Vanity – $520

Countertop – $500

Tub & Shower Trim Kit – $203

Sink Faucet – $200

Tub Overflow Kit & Drain – $125

Sink – $65

Bifold Closet Door – $90


+ $75 for old vanity

That leaves a little bit of room for lighting, trim, paint and accessories. We’ve only officially purchased a few things so the rest is in flux. Our tile guy is scheduled to install tile and reglaze the tub in ~2 weeks, pending the tile delivery. We have until then to demo the existing tile and paint the room, which is totally doable. Stay tuned!

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  1. I look forward to seeing the finished product. No doubt it will be beautiful! Especially interested in how the tub glazing turns out. I love your kitchen, I have stove envy big time 😀

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