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Hand Soap and Lotion Sink Set Roundup

The cold weather and dry air coupled with constant hand and baby bottle washing has done a number on my hands. I keep lanolin by my bedside but realized I don’t moisturize my hands much during the day and that needed to change. To help with that, I bought a hand soap and lotion sink set to keep in the kitchen. During my search for my first sink duo, I found some great options so I put together this hand soap and lotion sink set roundup.

1. Barr Co Hand Duo / 2. Union St Oat Milk Set / 3. Nest Bamboo Set / 4. Golden Hour Set / 5. Thymes Vanilla Blanc Set / 6. Thymes Lemon Leaf Sink Set / 7. White Gardenia Set / 8. Beekman Vanilla Absolute Set / 9. Wine Country Botanicals Set / 10. Hand Sanitizer & Lotion Set / 11. Magnolia Garden Scent Set / 12. Hearth & Hand Soap & Lotion Dispenser Set

I’ve always kept hand and dish soap by my kitchen sink but I’m excited to add a hand and lotion sink set. They all come with a caddy to keep them tidy. Some of the caddy options are so unique and you can choose one that complements your decor. I love the caddy on set #8. I purchased set #1 for my first hand and lotion sink set. I love the vintage vibe of the packaging. One of the sets is hand sanitizer and lotion as opposed to hand soap which I think is a great option for a powder or guest bath. #12 is just the bottles and caddy but is so cute I had to include.

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