Copper Home Decor Roundup

For the Love of Copper!

Have you guys spotted all the copper home decor gracing the aisles of your fave stores lately? I see copper everywhere and I while I’m not going gaga for copper, there are a few pieces I could totally see working into my home. According to Domain, copper would be out in 2017 but House Beautiful said that according to 2016 Pinterest analysis, copper would stick around a little while longer. I don’t think we should concern ourselves too much with what’s trending and instead decorate with what we love. If you happen to love copper, go for it!

Now excuse me while I dream about displaying some pretty shiny copper cookware on the open shelving in my new kitchen…except I don’t have open shelving…nor a new kitchen. Someday, folks. Someday.

My Faves in Copper Home Decor

copper home accessories

1. Copper Coffee Kit / 2. Basket / 3. Antique Copper Hammered Bowls / 4. Hangers / 5. Copper Plant Stand / 6. Copper Sconce  / 7. Measuring Cups  / 8. Round Tray / 9. Copper Cookware / 10. Canister Set / 11. Set of 2 Copper Nesting Tables / 12. Copper Chair / 13. Concrete & Copper Wall Clock / 14. Vintage Copper Kettle 

I especially love the cookware and the hammered copper bowls.

Incorporating Copper Home Decor

Check out these inspiring ways to incorporate copper home decor.


If you’re the lucky owner of some copper cookware, I love the idea of showing it off.



copper home decor

The copper cast round tray from Target styled in my dining room.

What are your thoughts on copper? Do you own any of the pieces above? Weigh in!

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4 Responses

  1. I never thought to incorporate copper in my home, but you made it look so beautifully simple (those images are absolutely gorgeous). Will definitely be using this guide in the future. Thanks!

  2. I loooove copper! I also like the idea of showing it off… it’s like putting a nice painting up or putting your fanciest watches on display! I love copper pots and pans, but I just can’t afford them now. It didn’t stop me from drooling over them in Williams Sonoma the other day :O

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