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Oh my gosh you guys. The dining room is keeping me awake at night. In my last post about the dining room I revealed before images and the plan for the space. We’re in the middle of the project now. We’ve sealed the windows, painted about 10 miles of wood trim, painted the walls, installed a “new” light fixture and it’s just about time to furnish and style!! YAY! I’m determined to mix old and new in the room, and I think I’m seeing black, modern dining room chairs on the horizon!

wood table paired with black modern chairs

Normally I have  a pretty clear vision for what I want a room to look like. You know how sometimes you stumble upon furniture and accents that you just know are perfect for your space? Well,  the decor Gods are not speaking to me when it comes to the dining room. I’ve been pinning like a crazy person and I’m still torn on a couple details, in particular, dining chairs are annoying the hell out of me. This poor room is having an identity crisis. I’ve “decided” on about 20 different chairs and changed my mind every time. I’ve been back and forth so many times your head would spin and #motd can’t tolerate another conversation about it. I actually can’t say that I blame him. I’m driving myself nuts.

OK, so here’s where I’m at. I don’t want to give too much away before the big reveal, but here goes. We have the large pieces figured out. We have an antique wood farm table, a vintage brass bar cart, a modern white credenza, and after hating the first one I purchased, I think we finally have a rug. When it comes to the chairs, I’ve decided to go with black, modern dining room chairs to balance out the vintage elements and provide a nice contrast to the wood farm table, like in the image above. Also, the black will tie in nicely with the rug and the other elements in the house decided to paint black (more on that later). I love the look of the black, modern dining room chairs paired alongside a wood farm table.

The Hunt for Affordable Black, Modern Dining Room Chairs

I really can’t get over how expensive dining room chairs are. I need 6-8 chairs and since I splurged on a couple other things for the house lately, I’d really like to keep the price point as low as possible. I’ve been looking at soooo many friggin black, modern chairs, I thought I’d share some of the top contenders. So, if you’re in the market for something similar, here’s a roundup of a few excellent options I’ve stumbled across.

black-moder-dining-room-chairs1. Baxton Studio Wishbone Chair | 2. Modern Molded Plastic Eiffel Leg Chairs | 3. Eames Molded Plastic Style Side Chairs 4. Stalwart Side Chair | 5. IDOLF Chair | 6. Upholstered Organic Modern Armchair | 7. Sable Black Chair | 8. Phoenix Carbon Grey Chair | 9. Ikea NORRARYD Chair | 10. Acrylic Arm Chair | 11. Ernie Dining Chair | 12. ARMEN LIVING Summer Modern Chair 

I’ll probably choose one of the above for our room. I’m really loving 1, 2 and 12. Stay tuned to find out! The next dining room post will be the big reveal!

What do you think of black dining room chairs and mixing modern chairs with antique and vintage elements?

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