You guys, I have a love affair with my bar cart. If you have been following along, you may have picked up on that since I use it in just about every project. I can’t help myself, it’s so versatile and so pretty! Mine is vintage Hollywood Regency, but there are awesome new, reproduction bar carts out there. Since I think everyone should have a bar cart, I thought I’d do a bar cart roundup complete with bar cart styling inspiration! Because I’m partial to brass bar carts, my suggestions include strictly gold bar carts, all less than 300 buckaroos!

11 Gold Bar Carts Under $300!

bar-cart-roundup1.  Metal Bar Cart / 2.  Velma Mirrored Cart / 3. Silverwood Sinclair Cart / 4. Abbyson Hamilton Kitchen Cart / 5. Lakelyn Serving Cart 6. Gold Mirror Felicity Bar Cart / 7. Round Gold Metal Cart / 8. Argentia Bar Cart / 9. Sauder International Cart / 10. Mirrored Cart  / 11. Carrie Bar Cart

A quick historical note about bar carts. They are so popular these days (rightfully so) but the modern day bar cart is actually a reinvented Victorian age tea cart! That’s right, folks. Bar carts have existed for quite some time, but only after prohibition ended did people start using them for alcoholic beverages in place of the traditional tea trolley. I also read that bar carts gained popularity following the Great Depression and World War II when people really wanted to celebrate. Then in the 70s, we started to see built-in wet bars in homes. However, due to its mobility, visual appeal, and popular tv shows (thank you Mad Men), the bar cart was making a comeback!

Don Draper’s office from Mad Men

Bar Cart Styling: Events & Gatherings

Bar carts are so great for entertaining. It’s a small enough piece to strip down and restyle to vibe with the theme of your event or gathering. Here are some ways I’ve styled my bar cart for past events and photo shoots, including this bright mid-century inspired bar cart styling complete with vibrant cocktails.
bright mod styled bar cart with cocktail bar cart with 70s mid century modern accessories
Images by Ashlee Hamon Photography & Regina as The Photographer
For this fall-themed brunch, I used the bar cart as the mimosa station. I pared-down the liquor and glasses that traditionally live on the cart and added pumpkins and extra champagne for the mimosas. I also brought in a pottery vase that coordinated with the color scheme of my gathering and an ice bucket for the bubbles.  fall-bar-cart
Image by Emily Katharine Photography
For the holidays I styled my bar cart two different ways, you guys may have seen the posts. One for a fun pink holiday concept and a glam version for an edgy holiday party.  Told ya I love my bar cart and use it for everything! I love how it changes with every occassion.
Images by Emily Katharine Photography

Bar Cart Styling: In the Home

A bar cart can live anywhere in your house. I find the dining room is the most convenient because it’s close to the kitchen with easy access to glassware and the fridge, but you can put one in your living room, bedroom or I really love the idea of a bar cart in the guest room – although your guests may never leave! You can also be unconventional and use your bar cart for something other than boos. A bar cart would make a unique side table, nightstand or entryway piece.

My bar cart lives in the dining room and this is how it’s currently styled. (The complete Daly Digs dining room reveal is coming soon!!)global eclectic bar cartImage by Kera Photography

I like to dress up the cart with a tray, a vase of flowers and I am so in love with my vintage and crystal decanters and rocks glasses. Get creative with your bar cart styling, but I do think something living like flowers or fruit is a must, as well as grounding the space with some art.

Here are some other bar cart styling examples I love:

bar-cart-stylingbar-cart-styling-ideas1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. 

For more bar cart styling I am diggin, check out my bar cart Pinterest board.

Have I convinced you to get a bar cart yet? Let me know what you think!


This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own and I only recommend products that I know and love. My disclosure policy can be read here. If you have questions, shoot me an email!

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