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How to Master the Kitchen Counter Oil Tray

How to Master the Kitchen Counter Oil Tray

How to Master the Kitchen Counter Oil Tray

There is one thing every kitchen needs and that is a kitchen counter oil tray to corral cooking oil, utensils, butter and other frequently used items for easy access. Organizing all of these items on a tray contains the clutter and establishes order. My butter bell and kitchen counter oil tray have generated a lot of interest so I am sharing tips for mastering your own tray.

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how to master the kitchen oil tray

My kitchen counter oil tray includes a utensil crock with utensils, a pepper grinder, a butter bell, a small marble bowl for salt and an oil dispenser we brought home from a glass-blowing village in France, all of which are kept on a cake stand that serves as a catchall tray. Other things you may want to add include a mortar, an herb plant, garlic, vinegar, tasting spoons, flowers or anything that you use often while cooking.

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For more on butter bells, check out this post!

How to Master the Kitchen Counter Oil Tray

In terms of styling your tray, here are my tips:

  • I recommend starting with the base, i.e. a tray.
  • Select pieces that complement one another without being too matchy-matchy.
  • Mix the height, size and texture of the pieces you select.
  • Think outside the box. For example, the catchall tray doesn’t have to be a Lazy Susan. It can be a platter, basket, cutting board, pedestal, cheese board or a cake stand like mine.
  • Try to include something unique or vintage.
  • Lastly, if you have upper cabinets or floating shelves above your tray, make sure you have room.

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Check out these 4 kitchen counter tray combos I put together:

1. Tray / Butter Bell / Mortar / Salt & Pepper Grinders / Utensil Crock / Oil Bottle

2. Galvanized Tray / Salt Keeper / Butter Bell / Salt & Pepper Grinders / Utensil Crock

3. Slate Tray / Butter Bell / Oil Bottle / Utensil Crock / Pepper Grinder/ Mortar / Small bowl for salt or garlic

4. Vintage Cutting Board / Spice Keeper / Butter Bell / Oil Bottle / Utensil Crock / Salt & Pepper Grinders

Shop More Kitchen Counter Trays and Accessories

Shop utensil crocks and utensils:

Shop oil dispensers:

Shop mortars:

Shop catchall trays:


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