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Kitchen Cabinet Planning & Remodel Update

Kitchen Cabinet Planning & Remodel Update

Our kitchen remodel is moving right along. Since last week, we got down and dirty with some demolition and worked a lot on kitchen cabinet planning, which was pretty darn exciting.

Demo Update

Over the weekend, we tore out the entire island and most of the back wall and started on the overhead built-0ut. There was a lot of ugly tile to demo.

That’s pretty much where we ended after two days of demo and completely filling up our dumpster. We have another dumpster on the way and this weekend we should be able to knock out the remainder of the back wall/wall oven/microwave and upper build-out.

The next step is the demolition of the floors, which we’re hiring out for. It’s just too difficult and time-consuming for us because of the way they were installed, so we’ll leave it to the pros who can do it in 1 – 1.5 days. (The floors extend into the dining room on the right, as well as the hallway and entry, so it’s not just what you see here.) After the floors are removed, we have to install a gas line for our new range and move the sink plumbing about 3 feet (closer to the back wall).… Read more

Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel Project Introduction!

Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel Project Introduction!

We have lived in our house two years and we’re finally going to embark upon the most exciting project yet…our farmhouse kitchen remodel!!! Remember when I outlined our planned projects for 2018? I was hopeful for a kitchen reno but I wasn’t sure it would happen this year but IT IS folks and I am pumped! I have avoided sharing any peeks of the kitchen because it is so, so bad. But that all ends today! I’m sharing the current (sad) state of the kitchen, some inspiration for the design of our new farmhouse kitchen and some material and finish options I’m leaning toward. As part of the kitchen reno, we’re also reconfiguring the area off the kitchen which includes the powder room, pantry, and the office nook that will likely become a small mudroom. We’re also hoping to make a change to the way we access the attic above the kitchen and replacing all of the flooring that extends all the way into the dining room. Detailed plans for the powder room, mudroom and pantry will come later – today it’s all about the kitchen!… Read more

Our Finished Staircase with Horizontal Stair Railing!!

Our Finished Staircase with Horizontal Stair Railing!!

After living months and months (years?) without any railings on our two staircases or the second story of our house (not recommended BTW), I’m thrilled to report our staircase renovation is finally complete! Today I’m sharing all of the details on the staircase reno and horizontal stair railing.

We went through a lot of considerations before pulling the trigger on anything related to the staircase. We debated cable railingtiling the risers, vertical vs horizontal railings, tread coverings, etc. It consumed hours of research and I even thought we could DIY some or maybe even all of the project. In the end, we hired everything out! Staircase work is meticulous and it was definitely the right decision to bring in the professionals.

Check out that sexy before photo! When we bought the house, the second story and the stairs themselves were covered with nasty, old carpet and the railings were orange-y colored wood that I knew had to go. Shortly after buying the house we had new hardwood floors installed in the downstairs living area and entire upstairs.… Read more

Backyard Patio Design REVEAL!!! One Room Challenge Week 6

Backyard Patio Design REVEAL!!! One Room Challenge Week 6

I’m so excited! It’s the final week of the One Room Challenge and time to REVEAL our rustic modern backyard patio design! This challenge was more difficult than last years guest room makeover. We were down to the wire this time around and the landscaping really took a lot out of us! But, alas, it was so worth it. We’ve been enjoying the patio more than ever and have already put the space to good use.

If you’d like to see the weekly progress updates, check them out here: week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4 and week 5.

Here it is! Our rustic modern backyard patio design! All the sources are at the end of the post.

The pallet board ceiling really makes an impact in the space! It adds warmth, texture and a dose of rustic which I offset with the modern, clean-lined furniture.

I am so glad I decided to paint the exterior of all those doors! The sage green is so calming and pops nicely off the white brick. Speaking of, I did a blog post on the amazing product that made painting these doors super easy.… Read more

The Details About Our DIY Rock Landscaping

The Details About Our DIY Rock Landscaping

For our One Room Challenge patio makeover, we started landscaping along the house. If you recall from our 2018 project list, landscaping was something we planned to get to this year. We assumed we’d hire out but when the One Room Challenge forced us to get a move on the nasty weed beds beside the patio, we DIYed it and it wasn’t so bad…well, besides shoveling all those heavy rocks out of the truck. That was bad. Nonetheless, we successfully started our DIY rock landscaping so I today I’m sharing all the details.

First things first, I am not a fan of mulch and we prefer rocks. While I love flowers, I prefer a simplistic landscaping look that doesn’t include a lot of flowers. Here are a couple inspiration images to give you an idea.

Via / Via

Here is where we started! The “flower beds” had been washed out and overrun with weeds.

The first task in our DIY rock landscaping journey was to get rid of all those weeds.

Next, we had to add some topsoil and mulch.… Read more

One Room Challenge Patio Week 5…SO MUCH PROGRESS!

One Room Challenge Patio Week 5…SO MUCH PROGRESS!

Our One Room Challenge patio has come so far since last week! If you follow me on Instagram, then you know we’ve been super busy and that the space is actually done and we photographed it yesterday! I’ll have to wait for the reveal images until next week but for now, here’s what we’ve accomplished since the last update.

First of all, we finally cleared all of hubby’s tools out and pressure washed the cement floor. I was hoping the pressure washing would remove the stains but that wasn’t the case so we ended up having to paint the floor, which was an extra step we didn’t plan for. one room challenge patio makeover one room challenge patio makeover

one room challenge patio floor painting

First, we sealed the floor and then painted it with concrete paint. Like I mentioned before, we have plans to eventually add a pool off of the patio so we’ll cover the patio floor in whatever pavers we install around the pool so that it’s a seamless transition. For now, I decided to keep the concrete floor clean and simple. one room challenge patio floor

Painting the floor made a huge difference and even though it was an extra step we didn’t anticipate, it was totally necessary and worth it.… Read more

One Room Challenge Week 4: Patio Ceiling Paneling Complete!

One Room Challenge Week 4: Patio Ceiling Paneling Complete!

It’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge! Only 2 more weeks until the big reveal…which basically means less than one week to work on the space before we photograph it on Wednesday! EEEEEEK!!

Patio Ceiling Paneling

I’m happy to report that our progress report is better this week than it was last week.

We (by we I mean hubby) finished the patio ceiling paneling and it really changed the feel of the space! I was debating painting it, but I am going to leave it raw.  I like the character it gives the space, it really warms it up and provides a nice contrast to the white brick.

patio ceiling paneling patio ceiling paneling patio ceiling paneling

I love the rustic vibe the patio ceiling paneling provides, which I will couple with modern, streamline elements. Speaking of modern elements, the hanging chair is up and the remainder of the patio furniture will be here this week.

Over the weekend I decided to do something fun in the space that I haven’t discussed yet and that is paint the exterior of the doors that go out to the space.… Read more

Back Patio: One Room Challenge Week 3

Back Patio: One Room Challenge Week 3

Well, guys, we get a D- for this week’s One Room Challenge progress report becuase we haven’t accomplished anything in the space since last week because…LIFE! I’m not too worried. Last time we did the One Room Challenge we had a lull about half-way through and we turned out ok! Hah. But have no fear, we’re back at it this weekend so I expect we’ll finish the wood paneling on the ceiling that I shared last week and start getting the space cleaned out to make way for the new furniture!! Speaking of furniture, it’s starting to trickle in and I’m so pumped!

Mood Board Update

Since I changed the furniture selections a bit, I thought I’d include a revised version of the mood board. I like to keep it updated as I’m working on the space so I can visualize everything and reference it while I’m out and about shopping for accessories.

The outdoor sofa and chair should be here next week. They’re both 20% off right now if you’re in the market for outdoor furniture! The coffee table and side tables are here (from West Elm) and I’ve had the hanging chair for a while now.… Read more

Back Patio Project: One Room Challenge Week 2

Back Patio Project: One Room Challenge Week 2

It’s week 2 of the One Room Challenge and our back patio project is coming along! After sharing the design plan and inspiration last week, we jumped right in. A few of the furnishing and decor options have changed, but I think I have everything finalized now.

Back Patio Project: Week 2 Progress

The first thing we did in our back patio project was install our new outdoor sconces. I love the copper finish against the white brick.

We also got our new ceiling fans in so we removed the ugly warped ones and hung these industrial style bronze ceiling fans.

back patio project back patio project new ceiling fans

We also decided to add a feature to our patio that I didn’t tell you guys about yet because hubby just decided to go for it over the weekend and that is wood paneling on the ceiling!

back patio project wood paneling on ceiling wood ceiling back patio

We’re installing these pallet boards right over the existing drywall. I am considering painting it white but I’ll decide after I see it finished. That hook you see is for the hanging chair that’s going up! I’m also debating painting the french doors.… Read more

Rustic Modern Back Patio: One Room Challenge Week 1

Rustic Modern Back Patio: One Room Challenge Week 1

So check it out. Remember when I mentioned my plan to turn our hot mess patio into a rustic modern back patio?  Well, progress has been nonexistent so I decided to join in on the One Room Challenge to help motivate me to get it done. My mamma always said I performed well under pressure, so here goes! If you’re not familiar, the One Room Challenge is a biannual event hosted by Linda with Calling It Home in which featured and guest designers and bloggers makeover a room in 6 weeks, blogging weekly updates with the grand finale reveal in the final week. Last year, I successfully completed our modern boho guest bedroom as part of my first One Room Challenge and loved it so I’m looking forward to participating again this year with my plan for a rustic modern back patio! Let’s jump in!

The Design Plan

rustic modern back patio design mood board

Overall, I am going for a rustic modern back patio. I want to keep the patio mostly neutral and incorporate textures and pattern with pops of muted colors. I have a lot of one-of-a-kind and vintage pieces I plan to incorporate like a custom farm table and vintage tub (which makes a great drink bin) and I want to do a reclaimed architectural salvage piece as wall art.… Read more