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The Reveal of Our Farmhouse Garage Addition and How Much it Cost!

I first introduced our farmhouse garage addition project back in December of 2021! The structure has been completed for several months and we are slowly working on finishing touches. The garage has been such a blessing!! Before this, we drove down a dirt driveway and parked on the dirt and grass beside our house. We desperately needed a driveway and a garage to store tools, the tractor, the golf cart, and everything most people keep in the garage. (The extra fridge and freezer have been so great!) Along with the actual 3-car garage, we added a breezeway connecting the garage to the house, which afforded us approximately 300 additional air-conditioned square feet. The breezeway – right off our kitchen where the side porch used to be – houses our new mudroom, a small office, and a third room that will become a wine room or “speakeasy” if you will. We have yet to tackle that space, but I have big plans.

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The Garage Addition Process

First, let’s look back at the process. 

Here’s a look at our plans and how the garage and breezeway tie into our existing house. As we got further in the process, I decided to break up the breezeway into a mudroom and office, and the room labeled “storage” will become the future speakeasy.

The first step was demolition of our existing side porch and establishing the breezeway stem wall.

Once the slab was poured, block construction began. 

Then trusses and framing. 

Then finally, the metal roof was installed and it tied in perfectly with the metal roof we added to the house four years ago. 

After that, it was exterior siding and stucco “brick.”

Next up exterior paint, garage doors, and all the fun stuff started to happen. Around this time we had our asphalt driveway installed

We had a little bit of drama with our garage doors. We planned to paint them black since inception but it turns out, for this model of garage doors, it’s not advisable to paint them a dark color with a high light reflective value because it could potentially cause issues like warping. In the end, after careful consideration, we stuck with it and painted them black, which voided any warranty from the manufacturer. 

Our Farmhouse Garage Addition Reveal

Here she is today, our farmhouse garage addition in all of her glory.

How Much the Garage Addition Cost

First, a few specs. The garage is an oversized 3-car garage with 4 garage doors. The total garage square footage is a little over 1300 square feet. The breezeway was tied into our existing home and added an additional 300 air-conditioned square feet. The addition took about a year to build and a lot longer if you consider the drafting and design process and waiting on the permit from the county.

Our contract price for the garage was $284k and our actual cost was $312k. There are a few factors that contributed to the expense of our garage in particular, mainly the sheer size of it, the metal roof, stucco brick exterior, upgraded garage doors, and electrical needs. The actual cost was more than contracted due to upgrades we made in those areas.

This does not include the cost to epoxy our garage floors, install the asphalt driveway, the gutters, or the interior build-out of any of the spaces.

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  1. The house was already beautiful, but the addition of the garage has turned it into a spectacular estate! Love, love, love the new website too!

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