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Playroom Progress Update

We’ve been making slow but steady progress in the playroom so I thought I’d share an update. It’s coming together thanks to the addition of a few key pieces.

Be sure to check out the playroom project introduction blog post here.

Playroom Update

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Remember this empty wall space? It’s the only wall in the loft without windows so I wanted to do something fun and impactful. I settled on a removable wall mural and it makes such a fun impact.

I love the colors and the playfulness of the mural, isn’t it so cute? We finally got our nugget sofa (ours is the bamboo color) and it’s been a fun addition to the room.

We get a ton of afternoon sunlight pouring into this room so window treatments were a must. I decided on these plaid budget-friendly curtains and I love the subtle pattern and farmhouse feel. The polka dot rug is the latest arrival. I had trouble deciding between a more traditional rug and this playful kids rug and ultimately I chose to embrace the fun, playroom vibe. It’s plush and adds some much-needed softness to the room.

I got a wooden pickler for little Shiloh to practice climbing. I love the natural wood and how it looks in the room.

What’s Left to Do?

We are waiting on the light fixture to arrive. It’s back-ordered but I’m really excited about it. We also have a play table to assemble and I think I will ground it with an additional rug, probably in a solid color pulled from the polka dot rug or the wall mural. I am considering some bean bag chairs and I need to add a toy shelf and baskets for storage. We’re not quite to the finish line but I’m loving the direction we’re heading.

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