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One Room Challenge Week 4: Patio Ceiling Paneling Complete!

It’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge! Only 2 more weeks until the big reveal…which basically means less than one week to work on the space before we photograph it on Wednesday! EEEEEEK!!

Patio Ceiling Paneling

I’m happy to report that our progress report is better this week than it was last week.

We (by we I mean hubby) finished the patio ceiling paneling and it really changed the feel of the space! I was debating painting it, but I am going to leave it raw.  I like the character it gives the space, it really warms it up and provides a nice contrast to the white brick.

patio ceiling paneling patio ceiling paneling patio ceiling paneling

I love the rustic vibe the patio ceiling paneling provides, which I will couple with modern, streamline elements. Speaking of modern elements, the hanging chair is up and the remainder of the patio furniture will be here this week.

Over the weekend I decided to do something fun in the space that I haven’t discussed yet and that is paint the exterior of the doors that go out to the space. Two sets of french doors and a side door provide access to the patio. I went on a long rant on Instagram about the paint options I pulled and asked for your input. Most of you confirmed the direction we were already leaning and that is with one of the sage greens. Those shades feel so calming and tie in nicely with the succulents so I’m excited about this fun detail!

In addition to the succulent garden, the patio is also going to house lemon and lime bushes and an herb garden in the vintage Hungarian tub on a stand that I have (like this). I typically use the tub as a huge wine or beer bucket when entertaining but I decided to live dangerously and change things up. 😉

To-do List

So what’s left to do? We have to transfer all of hubby’s tools to his new shed, pressure wash the concrete floor, paint the doors, plant the herb garden, work on the landscaping beside the patio, shop for a few more accessories and then style it out! It’s going to be a busy weekend!

I can’t wait to see it come together and spend evenings out there swinging on the hanging chair and watching the doggies play! Until next week…

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  1. Those ceilings are GORGEOUS-I agree, leave them as is! 🙂 And my daughter is coveting a hanging chair like you have…I can’t wait to see how it looks in the final space. good luck with the rest of ORC!

  2. I absolutely love the raw wood paneling! It’s gorgeous. And I am super jealous of your swing. It’s perfect!

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