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Master Bedroom Refresh

Giving our Master a Facelift

Hiya, friends! So, listen. I’ve dropped a couple of hints about it and now it’s time to unveil the plan for my master bedroom refresh!! If you’ve been following along on the blog for a while then you know we blogged the reveal earlier this year and you may think it’s a little soon to be changing things up but let me explain because there are a few reasons why. First, to put it simply, I’m over it. Even though I shared the reveal with you all in January, the bedroom doesn’t look all that different from the master in our old home. Most of the furniture is the same and heck, we even painted the walls a similar color as our old master. Second, as other rooms here in the Daly Digs begin to take shape and the overall style and decor identity for the Daly Digs comes to fruition, I’m not sure our existing master bedroom fits in. I tend to love and have a lot of art and accents in warm earthy tones and I am just not feeling the bright, cool tones in the master any longer. I’m not shifting away from the modern boho style and we’re still keeping some of the furniture but the room will look a lot different. Tastes evolve. It takes a while for you to figure out what works when you move into a new home and that’s totally ok. Are rooms ever really “done” anyway?

Master Bedroom Refresh

Without further adieu, here’s the direction we’re headed.
master bedroom refresh


Here’s what our master looks like now.

bright gray and pink boho master bedroomstatement rug modern boho master bedroom with

Notice how we’re keeping a lot of the same elements in the room. We’re doing this master bedroom refresh on a budget and I’m excited to share how to go about changing up a room using what you have.

To-do List:

1.Paint. I’m thinking a warm white.

2. New rug. The existing rug is super fun and vibrant but I am craving a warmer, cozier color palette for the master bedroom refresh. The new rug is really setting the stage for the room.

3. Reupholster the bed. We’re keeping our bed but will have it reupholstered in a fresh new color.

4. Repaint the night stands. Our existing night stands are vintage, are a good size and have great hardware. They are currently aqua but I plan to repurpose them and paint them black.

5. We’re definitely keeping the woven Malawi chairs, I love them so, so much.

6. Switch out bedding and accessories.

7. Not pictured here, but we do have a TV in the master now. I used to be so against it but now I love it haha. So, I want to add a new piece of furniture for the TV and I’m thinking a simple gallery wall around the TV.

8. We’re also going to reconfigure the room and put the bed on the wall where the tall mirror currently is. Originally I wanted the bed across from the windows, but I think the new configuration will compliment the space a lot better.

What do you guys think of the plan for the master bedroom refresh? I’m pretty darn excited about it and can’t wait to share the end result with you all. My re-upholsterer is booking a few weeks out so until I can get the bed in I’ll be gathering the pieces for the room (just ordered the rug, got it on super sale!) and painting my little heart out. 🙂

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