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Living Room Chandelier Installation Update

Remember the living room chandelier debate? I posted a poll on Instagram several weeks ago asking for your input on which chandeliers to choose for the living room. I had it narrowed down to these three:

Because we would hang two chandeliers to replace the pre-existing ceiling fans, I thought#3, while I love it, would be too busy for the space and the hefty price tag was another deterrent. I felt #2 was a little too visually light so number 1 is ultimately what we went with and it was the crowd fave on the Instagram poll. It was hubby’s fave and I think it’s the most farmhouse-y of them all. I also really love the round shape and the Edison bulbs. Just FYI, because I was so torn about #3 and I really, really love that fixture, I plan to order a smaller version of it and hang it in the dining room, so I don’t have to say goodbye to it altogether. 😉

As a reminder, here’s what we were working with. The ceiling fans were here when we moved in and I dreamed of replacing them with visually-appealing living room chandeliers. This pic is also before we re-painted the fireplace white.

Here’s the space with the ceiling fans removed and after we painted the ceiling and fireplace white. 

Instead of renting the scissor lift again to hang the fixtures, hubby rented this really scary 21′ ladder! I am so glad he’s brave enough to climb that thing but the whole process was a little nerve-racking.

As you can see, there really is no easy way to install the fixtures. I would stand on the smaller ladder and hold the fixture so he could attach the carabiner clip to the ceiling and eventually we figured out that we could rest the fixture on the straps of the ladder, which was helpful.

Not the greatest photos, but you get the idea. We finally have living room chandeliers! Much, MUCH better than the ceiling fans and I love the black against the white fireplace and clean ceiling now. The Edison bulbs are warm and really make the space feel cozy. As you can see we do not have railings on the upstairs balcony – not to worry, the staircase renovation is next up on the project list and you can read all about it here.

So, what do you think?? Are you guys feeling the living room chandelier installation? It’s really coming along in there and I can’t wait to see the main living space after we install the railings and furnish the room!

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