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Kitchen Remodel Week 9 Update

We’re still knee-deep in dust over here at the Daly Digs. The renovation of the kitchen and area off of the kitchen continues but we are making progress and BIG things are happening in the next couple weeks.

Demolition Update:

We had to delay the install of flooring but since my last update, we finished the electrical and drywall in the kitchen (GAME CHANGER!) and filled in the holes in the foundation from the plumbing work.

Remember this disaster?

Here’s how it looks now! What a difference, huh?

We still have to finish the electrical on the columns and make sure they’re framed out so the dimensions match. After we get that squared away, the drywallers will cover the columns in drywall too. We’re leaving the horizontal crossbeam exposed.

Design Updates:

As far as finishes go, after mulling over several faucet finish samples from Waterstone I finally made a decision.

I selected the antique brass finish for all of our Waterstone faucets and sink accessories (pot filler, soap dispenser, air gap, and bar faucet).

I have not yet decided on cabinet hardware but I’m considering stainless steel cup pulls and knobs to tie in with the handles and knobs on our Aga range and the other appliances. Now I just need to order a gazillion more samples!

For countertops, I’m pretty sure we’re going with the option I shared on my last update, the Allen and Roth quartz from Lowes.

The kitchen is currently at a stand-still because we’ve been focused on finishing the framing of the walls and electrical in the area off of the kitchen for drywall next week. Flooring install is in two weeks and after that, we can finally start building cabinets!!!

Renovation To-Do List Status:

  • Repair concrete foundation from plumbing work
  • Re-run the electrical in the kitchen
  • Drywall kitchen
  • Re-frame the walls in the area off the kitchen
  • Re-run electrical in the area off kitchen (almost done)
  • Flooring install (scheduled for late SEP)
  • Have propane tank and gas line installed for the new range (scheduled for early OCT)
  • Convert and install the new range
  • Build cabinet frames, install cabinets
  • Purchase countertops
  • Install cabinet doors, drawers, hardware
  • Install backsplash, open shelving, wall sconces
  • Throw a friggin party!

I’m pumped for what’s to come in the next couple weeks. The makeshift kitchen in the laundry room with postage stamp sized countertops is getting reeeeal old.

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