Dining Room Rug Tips

A few weeks ago the master bedroom stole the dining room rug, a move that vastly improved my satisfaction with the master bedroom but left the dining room naked and vulnerable. 😉 After a period of indecisiveness, I finally settled on a new rug for the dining room and it is SO. GOOD! I’m sharing all about our new rug and dining room rug tips for you to keep in mind when shopping for a new rug.

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Dining Room Rug Tips

Since there were a few factors that I considered when making this choice, I thought it may be helpful to share my dining room rug tips with you.

Our new dining room rug is from Loloi’s Layla collection in the rust/ocean colorway. We have the 9×12 size. It is a gorgeous rug! It has saturated hues and an Old World, worn look that makes it appear vintage.

The Loloi Layla rug in our room has a pile of .13. This is perfect for a dining room! I would definitely keep the rug pile under .50, particularly if you have kids or pets and frequently use your dining room. An indoor-outdoor rug is also a great option for the dining room.

Other Things to Come in the Dining Room

The current seating situation is not a final solution. The last time I discussed the dining room, I mentioned wanting to find a unique/vintage/one-of-a-kind bench or baguette for one side of the table, which I would pair with chairs on the other side. I kinda gave up on that idea but since our table can technically accommodate 4 chairs on each side, I’m keeping my options open. I like the idea of an upholstered head chair, but I could only put one at the end by the windows because the other end doesn’t have enough space due to the staircase (if I want to keep the table centered under the light). Is one head chair weird?? Maybe a small-scale bench on the other end for balance? I would also like to add some custom chair pads/cushions to the dining chairs…I’m thinking a ticking stripe fabric. I love our buffet but I think a large vintage hutch would be great in that spot so I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for the right piece.

As you can see, the dining room is still evolving, but I’m loving the direction we’re headed. The new rug is a major improvement for the space and I am excited to complete the design of the room around the rug.


Dining ChairsBuffet (currently unavailable but there are similar styles) / 40″ Brass dome pendant / Table – antique family heirloom / Art/Decor – mostly vintage

P.S. Loloi is a wholesaler but their rugs can be found on Amazon and Rugs-Direct. I can also order for you. (If interested, email me.)

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  1. Hi! I love your blog!! Do you have any tips for mixing different wood finishes/sizes? I have a rather shiny espresso dining table with thick column legs, and was looking at similar dining chairs to your black ones, but in “oak driftwood” color (thin legs, matter finish). I can’t tell if they would match! What do you look for in this case? Thanks so much!

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