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Built-In Entertainment Center

So check it! The next project in the #dalydigs is a custom built-in entertainment center in the living room. The living room is in the center of the house and has a huge wall that’s seriously begging for a built-in unit. It already has a nook and at almost 14′ across, it’s large enough to accommodate a good sized built-in.

Here is a handy depiction of the wall.

built-in wall before

As you can see, one section of the wall is deeper than the other so the woodworkers will frame it out so the back is flush. We’ll be losing a little bit of space but we want the TV centered on the entire wall so that’s what we have to do. Once it’s done no one will know the back wall wasn’t flush. Well, except for you guys. šŸ˜‰ The wall is almost 14′ across and 9′ tall. #motd (man of the digs, aka hubby) wants an 85″ TV so we’ll pre-measure to accommodateĀ it and add some shelving on either side and cabinets on the bottom. By the way, do you guys know how big an 85″ TV is? Until you see it in person, it’s hard to imagine. It’s freaking huge. What is it with men and their TVs? We researched recommended viewing distance ranges and becauseĀ our sofa is approximately 16′ away from the wall, an 80′-85′ TV is recommended.Ā I think we could live with a 75″ but this isn’t a battle I am going to fight with the hubsters. Instead, I’ll keep his TV in my hip pocket for the next time I want something ridiculous. šŸ˜‰

Once the woodworkers frame out the built-in we’ll have the electrical outlets moved forward and get all the wiring squared away. Then they’ll come back and finish up! Here are some inspirationĀ images we love and took into consideration as we debated how to design our built-in. See more inspiration on my built-in and shelf stylingĀ Pinterest board.



Notice how every inspirationĀ image has some shiplap? We live in a farmhouse so we do plan to incorporate some shiplap, I just want to avoid going too crazy with the country vibe, so I want to balance the shiplap with modern elements. I am head over heels for the last inspiration image and ultimately this is the direction we’re going. I think the floating cabinet helps make it feel more modern and I love the natural wood shelves against the white shiplap. I think our shelves will be a bit wider than the ones in the inspiration image. If I had to choose, I’d take wider shelves and decrease the open space on either side of the TV.

I can’t wait to get our built-in entertainment center installed! I am already thinking about how to style out the shelves. Hubby can have his TV, but the shelves are mine! šŸ™‚ Here’s some shelf styling I love.Ā 1. / 2. / 3.Ā 

I’ll keep you posted on the progress and share the reveal when it’s all done.

What do you think? Does anyone have experience having a custom built-in entertainment center installed or doing one yourselves?

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  1. love the cabinets underneath – such a great way to store all the TV junk! I also love shelf styling insp # 2 with all the different shapes and textures!

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