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Master Bedroom: Before

Heya, folks! I’m here today with the before pics of the master in the #dalydigs and the grand plan to make the room into a natural, bohemian master bedroom. Lets jump right in.

Sorrryyy about the blurriness in the photo above. I didn’t exactly know I was going to start a blog and share these images publicly, otherwise I would have been better about those iPhone snaps haha. dalydigs-master-bedroom

Alrighty, so this is the master in the #dalydigs. A good size room with ample light and pretty bay windows…and ugly trim and nasty carpet. #storyofmylife

The best thing about the master bedroom are the closets! That’s right, his and her closets people. And ya know what? My closet is the size of a small bedroom! I really should measure it for you guys, but it’s seriously huge. #motd has his own little closet too, and it’s about a quarter of the size of mine. Tooooo badddddd, honey!

Alright, so thankfully this room didn’t need too much work. Well, I say that…yet after living here for nearly five months it’s still not done! Insert monkey covering his eyes emoji.

The Plan

So here’s the list of work to be done to make the master in the #dalydigs a bohemian master bedroom sanctuary:

  • Paint the window trim (same ole story)
  • Paint the walls a light gray shade
  • Remove the disgusting carpet and install wood floors
  • Install new baseboards
  • Replace my closet doors with sliding barn doors
  • Replace the ceiling fan
  • Get new lighting

Overall we want the room to feel peaceful and relaxing and I hope to get away with bringing in some natural, boho vibes in here and balance it with a couple fun pops of unexpected color. Thankfully, we already have the big furniture stuff out of the way and have a fairly new bed and super fun nightstands from our last house. I do plan to source a new rug, a couple accent chairs, an end of bed bench and possibly something for that wall on the left that I’m not quite too sure what to do with yet.


We’re currently in the middle of the revamp but I suppose I can share one tiny sneak peak of the room with the new wood floors we had installed.

master bedroom new dark wood floors

There is still a lot to be done, sure, but don’t those floors really help? We chose dark engineered hardwood floors with planks in three different widths. I’m loving the look of the mixed planks!


OK, that’s all for now! You will have to stay tuned, the master is almost done and ready to share!!! I will leave you with some inspiration of what we’re trying to accomplish in the room. Follow me on Pinterest to see more of my favorites.

bohemian master bedroom inspiration

1 / 2. / 3. / 4.

I clearly have a type when it comes to my master bedroom aspirations. I love the worldly, bohemian master bedroom vibes happening in the above rooms. The airiness with pops of color and tribal textiles have me all heart eyes! A quick note, I have a huge style crush on Emily Henderson and Amber Interiors. #1 above is by Emily Henderson and 2-4 above are by Amber Interiors. Love love love the style of both of these gals. If you haven’t heard of either of them, you MUST go check them out.

What do you guys think of the room and the inspiration? I can’t wait to share what I’m cooking up!!!

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