A Look Inside our IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

We finished our kitchen remodel a few months ago and one of the questions I was asked was how we organized our kitchen cabinets. So today I’m sharing a look inside our IKEA kitchen cabinets!

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We used IKEA’s SEKTION line with Semihandmade doors. I opted for mostly drawer storage with very few traditional cabinets with shelves. We have no upper cabinets in our main galley kitchen area and opted instead for two open shelves on either side of the range. I did add two upper cabinets in the wet bar for stemware storage. The IKEA cabinets have proven to be great! For anyone that is skeptical, I highly recommend them. My favorite feature of the IKEA cabinets is the drawer within the top drawer. You’ll see what I mean. Another great feature is the soft close, which is pretty standard now but after living in our outdated kitchen for two years it was a noticeable and welcome improvement.

A Look Inside our IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

farmhouse kitchenAfter a few months of use, I’m pretty happy with the way our cabinets are organized. Let’s start with the inside of the island.

To the left of the sink, across from the fridge I have a small 12″ cabinet with a pull-out system I use for Tupperware, zip locks bags, aluminum foil, etc.

To the right of that drawer and directly next to the sink is the most used cabinet in the kitchen. It houses the flatware and dinnerware. Here you can get a good look at the drawer within a drawer.

This neat feature allows you to maximize the storage within the cabinet.

The sink cabinet has everything you would expect, cleaning supplies, etc. To the right of the sink is the trash drawer that fits two of the huge IKEA trash bins. We use one for trash and one for recycling. The hidden upper cabinet stores trash bags.

Next to the trash drawer is our microwave with one small drawer underneath. You may be surprised to see that our crockpot fits nicely in here along with the hand mixer and immersion blender. To the right of that, you see one cabinet with shelving that houses cookbooks, candles and our vitamins are on the top shelf. 

farmhouse kitchen with black range and shaker cabinetsOn the back wall of the kitchen where the range is, we have one cabinet in between the range and the fridge. This cabinet stores spices, extra glassware and other dishes.

To the immediate left of the range is where our amazing cookware lives. The top drawer is where I keep pot holders, trivets, the spoon rest, dishtowels and additional cookware such as our lasagna panOn the end of the back wall of the kitchen is our largest kitchen cabinet. It’s 36″ and houses serveware, platters, my Le Creuset Dutch Ovens and bakeware in the bottom drawer.  

We worked in cabinets on the backside of the island and into the sides of the island as well.  This cabinet houses extra coffee cups and vases and that’s about it. The double cabinets on the other side of the island don’t have anything in them. They were designed to be the dog feeding station but I decided against it. I’m sure the cabinets will come in handy eventually. It’s always nice to have more storage than you need. 

Inside our IKEA Kitchen Cabinets in the Wet Bar

It is impressive how much we can fit in the wet bar cabinets. Plumbing takes up the majority of space in the sink cabinet but we’re still able to fit some bar and coffee accessories inside.  The middle cabinet drawers fit a ton of stuff including many full-size liquor bottles in the bottom drawer, koozies, bar accessories and the top drawer houses our tea and espresso capsules.A mini-fridge is on the far right end of the wet bar. 

There you go! A look behind the doors and inside our IKEA kitchen cabinets.

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a look inside our ikea kitchen cabinets

31 Responses

  1. Hi Becky! Using your reno as major planning inspiration for cabinet placement. Where is your dishwasher? I apologize if I missed it!

  2. I love your trash and recycle pull out bin. Can you tell me if that’s the 18″ or 24″ width cabinet and which bins you are using? Thanks so much.

      1. Hi, I am a kitchen planner specializing in IKEA kitchens and just recently (spring 2020) IKEA switched the waste and recycling bins from VARIERA bins to FILUR and HALLBAR. Though I havn’t figured out the new sizes and which ones to use in what width waste/recycle cabinets I do know there are still VARIERA bins out there in some IKEA stores (but not online) and maybe even online at places like EBAY. The 24″ wide cabinets used two 14 gallon VARIERA bins and the 18″ wide cabinets used two 10 gallon VARIERA bins. Luckily there are also other options out there from makers like Rubbermaid that will fit just fine too. Good luck!

  3. Just wait til ikea changes mfg’s of the cabinets and they dont support you when you need a replscement piece. So much for their warranty !

  4. Any update on this? What can I use for 2 trash bins for my 24″ wide IKEA trash cabinet pull out? Can you share the measurements of what the 14 gallon VARIERA bins used to be so I can search for alternatives?

  5. Hello Becky,
    I absolutely love your kitchen! Could you tell me what are the dimensions and what model is the cabinet with the 4 little drawers between the wet bar and the fridge?


  6. Hello, I am currently planning my kitchen and I am trying to find the cabinet that fits a microwave like yours. Can you tell me what cabinet you used for your microwave? I appreciate your help!

    1. Hi! It’s the 24″ IKEA microwave cabinet, I just used a different microwave. You’ll need a pannel to cover the gap b/w the microwave and the bottom drawer, or a small 10″ drawer can fit there too. 😉

  7. Hi! I love your kitchen – so beautiful and well thought out. I know this is an older post, but do you remember which SEKTION cabinet you used for the microwave? We’re remodeling now and I can’t figure out how to fit it in. Thanks for any info!!

  8. It’s been a while for this post but can you tell me how wide the drawers are on your range wall? And also how wide your open shelves are beside the range?

  9. Hi! Love your kitchen. Are all your kitchen drawer heights 10 inches? I bought a mix of 5, 10 and 15 and they don’t look quite right.

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