What to Bring Back from Peru

Yesterday I shared our Peru trip report and today I’m spilling the beans on our keepsakes and what to bring back from Peru. As you know, I am a sucker for global vibes and decor. We’ve accumulated quite the collection of art and keepsakes from our travels and I love working them into our home.

What to Bring Back from Peru

If you are a lover of global textiles like me, you will love Peru. Textile making is a historic tradition in Peruvian history so it’s no surprise that textiles are plentiful at the markets around the country. It’s difficult to pick just a couple, trust me.

We settled on this vibrant runner from the weaver’s village Chinchero a small village where we learned about the natural dying methods used to create the stunningly vibrant hues typical of Peruvian textiles.

We also scooped up this throw blanket from an open-air market we stumbled upon in Cusco that wasn’t quite open yet. We strolled along the path watching women were set up their stalls, most of which were still closed. I enjoyed it though because it was more relaxed and enjoyable. The markets are very busy and vibrant and can be overwhelming, but this one was different.

In addition to textiles, art is a great thing to bring back from Peru. We always purchase art or some sort of wall decor on our travels and Peru was no different. We fell for and brought home not one, but two adorable llama paintings! I was head over heels for the llamas and especially the alpacas (smaller and cuter than llamas) and so it doesn’s surprise me that we came home with art that will forever remind us of that. 😉

our peru finds our peru finds

If you’re wondering what to bring back from Peru, I’d recommend textiles, particularly something made from alpaca wool – it’s soooo soft! We purchased an alpaca blanket as a gift and wished we would have got one of our own.  Alpaca wool sweaters, scarves and hats are abundant and are another great Peruvian score. In addition to textiles, I recommend art and there is also fun jewelry. I got the cutest earrings for my mom that are made from textiles. Peruvian frazadas is another great idea for what to bring back from Peru. These Peruvian (and Bolivian) textiles have become very popular in the last couple years. They can be used as rugs or blankets and are often made into pillows. I’ve had a frazada since before I ever visited Peru, which is why I didn’t purchase one while there, but they make an awesome home decor piece.

There ya have it, my recommendations for what to bring back from Peru and a few of my own finds. Lusting for some of your own Peruvian home goods? Tomorrow I’m sharing a fantastic source for getting some of your own Peruvian accessories. 😉

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