Toddler Gift Ideas

I don’t always have it together when it comes to gifts but I feel like this year I nailed it! Shiloh is 2.5 so she definitely understands the concept of Christmas and gift-giving, but she hasn’t asked me for anything specific. This is probably the last year for that! I rounded up a few gifts I’m getting for Shiloh, a couple of things she has and loves and then I asked my toddler mamma friends what they’re getting the littles. So this is a pretty solid list with some great ideas for the little people in our lives.

Toddler Gift Ideas


toddler gift ideas

  1. Balance Bike – Balance bikes are bikes without wheels designed to give children the confidence to ride. They allow toddlers to learn to ride independently from the very start, without relying on training wheels.
  2. Kids Knives – Shiloh is always asking to help mamma in the kitchen when I’m making dinner and I think this is a great way to incorporate her into the process. I read that children involved in meal preparation eat better because they can respect and appreciate the process.
  3. Doctor Kit – Anything Melissa and Doug is a big hit around here. I love this doctor kit for toddlers. It can help ease doctor visit anxiety and teaches nurturing and empathy. 
  4. Toddler Camera – Shiloh is always wanting to steal my phone to take photos so I got her a toddler camera.
  5. Drivable Jeep – Or car or whatever you prefer. Shiloh has driven miles upon miles around our yard in her little jeep! We got it for her for Christmas last year but in the last several months she’s been extremely into it and can drive almost like a pro! It has a radio and a horn and it’s the cutest thing to watch her drive it.
  6. Sunnies – These are small enough for Shiloh and we love them. We lost her first set so I ordered another pair.
  7. Yoto Player – We ordered this for Shiloh and I’m excited about it. It’s a little speaker that has cards you put into the speaker and it plays whatever the card is. There are stores, songs, books, etc.
  8. Magna Tiles – I hear manga titles are all the rage for this age so I asked my parents to get them for Shiloh.
  9. Bow Chair – Such a sweet little chair for a kids’ dining table or playroom.
  10.  Play House – A few of my friends are gifting their toddlers with a playhouse. Pretend play is at a height lately so this is a great idea and a way to get them outside.
  11. Kids Yoga Mat – This is such a cute idea! It’s a yoga mat and bag for kiddos and comes with pose cards to help guide them. If you’re a mamma into yoga, this is a must.
  12. Easel – Shiloh has this in her playroom and we love it. It has a dry-erase board, chalkboard, and a white paper roll holder.

Let me know what you think about these toddler gift ideas!

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