We are obsessive dog parents. Since our fur babies will undoubtedly make an appearance on the blog from time to time, I thought they should introduce themselves. Here are the Daly Doggies!!


Twix the Sheltie

Hi guys, I’m Twix and I’m a sheltie. Don’t I look dapper in that pic? I was in mommy and daddy’s wedding and I took my role very serious. Mommy tells our friends that she picked me from the litter because I was the quiet, chill puppy in the back of the cage, and when my brothers and sisters were all in her face, she decided on me. I’m 7 years old and recently the vet said I needed a “senior panel” since I’m getting older. This made mommy and daddy sad since they don’t like to admit I’m a senior now. I don’t feel middle-aged though and I still run around chasing things like I did when I was a pup. I do not like loud things like thunder and fireworks. I get super nervous, I shake and I jump up on mom or dad’s lap. I’m a little shy but I do make friends easy and usually greet newcomers with a smile and a butt wiggle. I have a super yappy bark and I know it annoys mom and dad sometimes but I’m a herder breed so I bark a lot and chase things. Squirrels are my favorite. When I play ball with my sister and she beats me to the ball I get super annoyed and bite her muzzle to remind her that even though she’s bigger than me, I was here first and I’m the older brother. I am super agile and love to run around but I also enjoy relaxing. I usually like to ignore mom or dad when they tell me its time to come inside if I’m sunbathing. Mommy is my favorite and I love her more than dad.

shetland sheepdog


Java the GSD

Hey guys, I’m Java Augustine Daly and I’m a German Shepherd. I’m 2 years old and I’m just a big puppy that loves to play unless someone I don’t know comes to the house or near my family, then I have what mom calls a “big girl bark.” Mom got me as a Valentines Day present for dad right after they got married in St. Augustine. I am appropriately called Java because my demeanor is as if I’m on a perpetual coffee-high. I can’t help it, I’m an active breed! I was a mischievous puppy. My resume of destruction is extensive. I once ate the upholstered footboard on mom and dad’s new Pottery Barn bed. I have been busted chewing a rifle magazine, dads shoes, mom’s shoes, ink cartridges, pillows and I’ve explored plenty of trash. I developed a love for filet mignon after a counter surfing expedition.  I LOVEEEEEEEE playing ball. I want to play ball all day, errrrry day. But more than that I love going for a ride. Especially if it’s in dad’s truck. I love to hang my head out the window. I also love the water. I have my own kiddie pool but I have to share it with my brother even though he only likes to get his feet wet. I love to go on the boat and I jump off all by myself, sometimes before I’m supposed to. I have had a lot of medical issues since I was little and we just can’t get a break. I have had infections, mange, I have allergies, I have taken more medicine than an elderly person. My hip X-rays look really bad for my age and my vet thinks I’ll need hip surgery some day but for now, I feel great and it does not stop me from running and playing. I usually sleep on my back and my parents think it’s hilarious. I do not like cats and I’m not too sure about the neighbor’s horses yet, but dad gets really mad at me when I bark at them. I love Twix even though he’s annoying sometimes and mommy too even though I don’t always listen to her. But I really, really, really love daddy. He takes the cake.

german shepherd in pool

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