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14 of Our Favorite Baby Products 1 Month Into Parenthood

Our little peanut is a month old so I thought I would share some of our favorite baby products that we use daily or at least super often. It was a bit of a learning curve being a first-time mamma figuring out what worked best, despite the research I did prior to babe’s arrival. If sharing can help even one fellow mamma, then I call that a win!

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14 of Our Favorite Baby Products

SNOO – The SNOO is probably our favorite baby product. I can’t say enough good things about the SNOO. Shiloh has been a great sleeper overall and I’m convinced the SNOO has had something to do with it. We put her down while she’s drowsy but still awake and she is able to put herself to sleep – or the SNOO puts her to sleep, either way, it’s a win! It then soothes her to sleep if she gets fussy, helping her learn to self-soothe. I know it’s quite an investment but you can rent the SNOO for a few dollars a day and they offer a fantastic military or veteran discount.

Changing Table – The nursery is upstairs in our home and our bedroom is downstairs so we purchased this affordable changing table for our room. It houses all the diaper-changing essentials and her regular clothes, swaddles, burp cloths, etc so that I’m not constantly running upstairs for something. We use the hamper on the left for storing baby blankets, extra diapers, wipes, etc.

Lovevery Play Gym – My friend recommended this play gym and we use it regularly. It’s designed by child-development experts and comes with a booklet that guides you through how to use the accessories for age-appropriate brain-development stimulation for your baby.

Diaper Pail – Newborns are poop machines and this diaper pail keeps the stink in the pail and out of our room. It’s cute and comes in a wide variety of colors. We have it in ivory. It has a child-proof lock and will accept any bags so you’re not limited to purchasing a specific bag.

Moses Basket – I registered for this Moses basket and we love it! I skipped the Dockatot and use the Moses basket. I love how cute it is, it blends with the decor and it’s easy to carry around the house by the handles.

Bibs Pacifiers – I love these pacifiers because they’re so cute and come in a wide variety of colors! I’m so happy Shiloh took to them. 😉

Solly Baby Wrap – I love these wraps for babywearing. They are super soft, have a luxurious feel and the colors are on point. Shiloh loves when I wrap her up and wear her. It’s so sweet to have them curled up so close and I’m taking advantage while I still can. It’s nice to carry her hands-free.

Honest Co Wipes – I’ve been pretty happy with these wipes. They’re plant-based and do the trick.

Dr. Brown Bottles – We have loved these bottles. I did a lot of research on bottles when I was pregnant and settled on these. The nipples are slow-release to mimic moms breast and the bottles have an internal vent system to reduce air. We have both glass and plastic, wide and narrow bottles. The narrow neck bottles seem to work better for us.

Baby Bath – I love this baby bath. It’s a perfect size and fits in the kitchen sink too. It’s neutral in color and she can definitely grow into it.

Uppababy Vista – Our stroller was a splurge but it is another item I did a lot of research on. I have not heard one bad thing about this stroller. Uppababy just made some upgrades with the new Vistas and we’ve been loving it so far. It is such good quality and it comes with a bassinet and toddler seat and can accommodate two kiddos so we will keep it if there is a baby #2.  It doesn’t hurt that it is cute and comes in several color options. We have the dune color.

Diaper Bag – I debated diaper bags for a while but ultimately pulled the trigger on this one because it’s so cute and doesn’t scream diaper bag. It is super roomy and well made. Plenty of space for baby and mommy stuff so you don’t need to carry a purse too.

Elvie Pump – I’m pumping quite often and the Elvie changed my life. I love being able to move around and not be confined to a room or having to sit still while pumping. For me, it has 100% been worth every penny.

Silverette Nursing Cups – Silverette reached out to me for an Instagram collaboration which I politely declined because, well, that’s not my niche haha! However, the rep was so nice she ended up sending me some anyway, no strings attached and I honestly love them. Nursing and pumping can do a number on your nips so these are great to protect them from rubbing against your clothing. They’re website states, “silver is a natural antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial metal that also contains anti-inflammatory agents. It heals and prevents cuts, wounds, cracks, soreness, and infections.”

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There you have it, 14 of our favorite baby products. It will be interesting to see how this list evolves over time and what other products we’ll be loving as babe grows up.

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