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2019 Project Outlook

Earlier this week I shared our 2018 project recap and now I’m going to talk a little about what we plan to accomplish in 2019.

This year we have a lot planned for the exterior of our home and the yard.

  • Front Porch: Our front wrap-around-porch needs some love. We plan to replace the drywall on the ceiling with a beadboard or similar type of paneling, paint it a fun color and install new ceiling fans. We need to seal the wood porch flooring and I would also like to replace our wood steps with brick masonry steps.
  • Landscaping – We plan to finish the landscaping around the house, which basically is just planting plants since we installed all of the rock last year.
  • Garden – This year we want to start a garden! We’ve been wanting to do this for a while but last year we just didn’t get to it. We want to fence in a large area in the back yard and install several raised garden beds. I also want to move our chicken coop into the garden area.
Garden Inspiration Via Happy at Home
  • Workshop / Tool Shed – Last year hubby got himself a new Tuff shed to house all of his tools. We ended up getting a deal on a floor model but we want to paint it to match our house and landscape around it.
  • Nursery – See the notes about the nursery on the 2018 project recap. When the time comes, we’ll convert one of our upstairs bedrooms to a nursery for baby Daly.
  • Finish Dining Room – We started a refresh of the dining room but it’s not quite finished yet. Hopefully, I’ll find some new dining room chairs I love and finish off the space this year.
  • Finish Living Room – We’ve made a ton of progress in the living room but we need to add a couple pieces to our sectional, source new accent chairs, a coffee table, side tables and add lighting and decor. See below for how far we’ve come. Eventually, I want to reface the fireplace but that’s probably not going to happen this year.
Living Room Before
Living Room Currently
  • Master Closets – My master closet was on the plan for last year but we didn’t get to it. I’d like to finally get organized in my closet and replace the wire shelving with a built-in system complete with lots of drawers and cubbies for optimal organization! Hubby has his own closet that is equally in need of some organization so we should really do both this year.
Closet Inspiration Via Pinterest
  • Upstairs Bathrooms – Upstairs, we have two bathrooms side-by-side in between the two bedrooms. They’re pretty dated so I’d like to get around to updating them. If we did one, we’d probably go ahead and do the second one since they share a wall and I may change the configuration a bit. They’re functional but dated and underwhelming as you can see.

So there ya have it, our 2019 project outlook. I can’t wait to see what this year holds and share it with all of you!

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