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Upstairs Loft Playroom Design Introduction

Upstairs Loft Playroom Design Introduction

Hi friends! Today I’m introducing you to the next project we’re going to be working on, converting our upstairs loft bonus room into a playroom. I’ve never shared this space in our home before. Mostly because it has never really had a purpose. It previously housed my Peloton and we keep a daybed in here for overflow guests. The room is large and open to the downstairs. Our fireplace is two-story and two-sided so we have a second fireplace in this space. While having a large stone structure in the middle of the room isn’t ideal for a toddler’s playroom, it’s what we have.

Upstairs Loft Playroom: The Before

Check out the before photos of the space.

One wall is entirely windows so it gets a lot of natural light. This room faces west so the afternoon light in here is quite intense so we will need a window covering solution.

There is currently a closet (the door to the right of the daybed) that I want to convert into a playhouse. It’s not a very deep closet so we may have to build it out a bit.… Read more