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The Details About Our DIY Rock Landscaping

The Details About Our DIY Rock Landscaping

For our One Room Challenge patio makeover, we started landscaping along the house. If you recall from our 2018 project list, landscaping was something we planned to get to this year. We assumed we’d hire out but when the One Room Challenge forced us to get a move on the nasty weed beds beside the patio, we DIYed it and it wasn’t so bad…well, besides shoveling all those heavy rocks out of the truck. That was bad. Nonetheless, we successfully started our DIY rock landscaping so I today I’m sharing all the details.

First things first, I am not a fan of mulch and we prefer rocks. While I love flowers, I prefer a simplistic landscaping look that doesn’t include a lot of flowers. Here are a couple inspiration images to give you an idea.

Via / Via

Here is where we started! The “flower beds” had been washed out and overrun with weeds.

The first task in our DIY rock landscaping journey was to get rid of all those weeds.

Next, we had to add some topsoil and mulch.… Read more

The Easy Way to Paint French Doors you Need to Know About

The Easy Way to Paint French Doors you Need to Know About

If you’ve been following along with our patio makeover for the One Room Challenge, then you know that I painted the two sets of french doors and the single side door going that goes out to our patio. All of those doors are gridded doors with 15 glass panels, you know the ones. I was dreading painting the doors…that is, until I discovered an easy way to paint french doors!

I speak from experience when I say that painting french doors is a pain in the butt. You have to either tape off the glass on each window grid, which is super annoying, time-consuming and doesn’t always prevent the paint from bleeding onto the glass, or you just paint the grids getting as little as possible on the glass and scraping it off with a razor blade after it dries. Having painted the interior of all of those french doors, I know that either way is not fun. This time around, I did a little research and discovered a pretty cool product that offers an easy way to paint french doors.… Read more

2018 Project List

2018 Project List

A new year, a new list of projects for the Daly Digs! While this list may prove to be a little optimistic a girl can dream, right? I wanted to share our 2018 project list to give you insight into what you can expect to see on the blog and what we’re looking forward to doing around the house.

But first, here’s a quick recap of the major projects we completed in 2017.

2017 Projects

-Last year we made a lot of progress on the exterior of the house.  We painted the outside of the house (ourselves!) and got a shiny new metal roof, which was a giant leap forward in the home reno direction.

white farmhouse

-We completed the dining room.

global eclectic dining room with large windows

-We finished our modern boho guest bedroom as part of the One Room Challenge. I had a little fun with this project and did the whole room in a cactus print wallpaper. I was thrilled to have the project featured on Design Sponge. 🙂

-TV Built-in project. The built-ins were a project I’d prefer not to reminisce about but they’re done and it’s all in the past now.… Read more